Who plays Emily in Cherry? Ciara Bravo is all grown up after Big Time Rush

Promotional still from Cherry.
Ciara Bravo plays Emily in Cherry. Pic credit: Apple TV Plus

Fans of the new Russo Brothers’ drama Cherry have been wondering about one of the movie’s main stars. Alongside Tom Holland’s character, Ciara Bravo stars as his girlfriend, Emily. Read on to learn all you need to know about Bravo.

Russo’s ​Cherry, which has just arrived on Apple TV Plus, is based on a “semi-autobiographical” novel by Nico Walker and follows the adventures of an unnamed protagonist referred to as Cherry (Holland).

The audience is able to follow him through his journey into adulthood, where he experiences heartbreak, joins the military, and then falls into a dark pattern of drug abuse and criminal activity. 

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Headlining Cherry is Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and playing his main love interest is Ciara Bravo as Emily. 

Who is Ciara Bravo? 

Ciara Bravo is a young actor, who had her big break in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush. She played the main character, Katie Knight, for the four years that the show aired. 

Other big roles include playing Emma Chota in the television series Red Band Society, Del Luccetti in Wayne, and Mary Smith in Hulu’s A Teacher. 

Coincidentally enough, she has also dabbled in the Marvel world as she appeared in a single episode of the television show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the inhuman character Abby. 

Bravo has two upcoming projects, and both are expected to premiere this year. She will be appearing in the drama series Coast and the comedy Small Engine Repair. 

What is everybody saying about Ciara Bravo?

The 23-year-old actor is active on Instagram, where she’s described herself as “Barbra Streisand‘s cloned dog.” 

When the trailer for Cherry was released, she shared the video to her account. Bravo referred to the movie as “the definition of a labor of love.”

Bravo also appears in a behind-the-scenes image posted by the movie’s director duo, The Russo Brothers. 

Comedian Anna Faris interviewed Bravo on her podcast earlier this week and tweeted that she was “so impressed” by the actor before adding and “you will be too” while teasing a recent episode.

While Cherry came with mixed reviews, both leading actors Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo have been praised for their performances as Cherry and Emily. 

Movie critic George Clark described Bravo’s performance as “fantastic and devastating” and wrote, “She adds to the film considerably, with her character’s development and downwards spiral proving pivotal to the story as a whole.”

Although giving the overall movie a low score, critic Nate Adams sympathized with the actors and wrote, “They’re playing caricatures of real people without much humanity.” 

Adams added, “That’s not the actor’s fault, but they and the subject matters deserved better than a hyperkinetic true-story that’s all bark and no bite.”

Nonetheless, Bravo demonstrated a wide range of acting ability in her role as Emily as she was first introduced to the screen as a witty and high-achieving college student before being reduced to the drug-addled lover of Cherry. 

Cherry is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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