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The 10 most dystopian futures depicted in movies

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, which depicts one of the most iconic dystopian futures of all time
Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, one of the most famous dystopian futures of all time

The dystopian futures that work the best are those born out of our own present-day reality.

We all have experiences of state interference, exploitative corporations too big for governance or a new technology with drawbacks that outstrip innovation. Wireless earphones anyone?

Movies give us the opportunity to explore the issues facing our world from a different perspective, posing questions about how scenarios could play out in the future.

Here are 10 films depicting a not so bright vision of what the world could be like if we’re not all careful.

10 Sunshine – a world without sun

In Sunshine (Boyle, 2007, UK/USA) the sun is dying, causing a global winter. The crew of Icarus II is on a mission to reignite it.

As they get near their destination they discover the Icarus I intact and decide to board the ship to see if its bomb is still viable.

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