Spider-Man fans are hoping the No Way Home trailer will drop on Tom Holland’s birthday

Production still from Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya star in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Pic credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been a longtime fan-favorite superhero throughout its many reiterations, featuring actors Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and now, Tom Holland. Fans cannot wait to see the British actor return to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming MCU flick Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third movie in the current run, directed by John Watts. It is expected to premiere on December 17, 2021, as part of the MCU’s Phase Four, which also includes Black Widow, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and many more.

Fans are hopeful for the trailer for the Holland movie to be released on June 1, given that its the actor’s birthday.

What has Marvel announced about the No Way Home trailer?

Marvel Studios has remained hush about Spider-Man: No Way Home. They have not given any hints as to the movie’s trailer being released soon, and they have remained secretive about what to expect from the movie.

While a trailer has yet to be released, back in February, Marvel dropped a teaser for the threequel. It was accompanied by Spider-Man actors Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jason Batalon making jokes about the movie’s title on their social media accounts.

What are fans saying?

Many fans are hopeful that the trailer will be released sometime today. The movie title has been trending on Twitter for multiple hours, along with birthday wishes towards Tom Holland.

At the time of writing, the actor’s name is #18 on Twitter’s trending list with over 78.2K tweets. This includes tweets from the Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter account, Marvel fan accounts and others.

The official No Way Home Twitter account wrote, “Happy birthday to my fave Gemini,” tagging the actor in the post.

Many comments underneath the post are of fans demanding for the trailer to be dropped, in celebration. One fan commented, “Happy birthday, Tom! Now give me the trailer!”

Another fan shared a meme image of a clown with the caption, “Us when we don’t get the #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer today.”

While fans stay optimistic, a fan-owned No Way Home account stated that their reliable sources have confirmed that the trailer will not drop on Holland’s birthday. Their sources have not been revealed. The account wrote, “Several insiders & reliable sources have shared that the #SpiderManNoWayHome will likely NOT debut tomorrow. It’s not our time yet folks…”

Sadly, as the day closes, many fans are starting to lose hope. Podcast host Tyler Calvert tweeted, “Another day without the trailer.”

Whether the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer drops or not, it appears as though fans had a lively time conversing about the upcoming movie and celebrating the Spider-Man actor’s birthday. Many were able to use the trending topic as a way to meet other fans and discuss their trailer theories with one another.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is expected to be released on December 17, 2021.

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