Meet the charming cast of Hallmark’s A Taste of Love

A Taste of Love's lead actors.
Jesse Kove and Erin Kahill star in A Taste of Love. Pic credit: Hallmark

February is considered the month of love for movie lovers and hopeless romantics everywhere.

For this reason, the Hallmark Channel has given February a special name – Loveuary.

One of their new movies this month is called A Taste of Love.

The romantic comedy tells the story of a culinary chef named Taylor with big dreams and aspirations.

She’s determined to make a name for herself in the restaurant industry because she wants to be respected in her field.

While visiting her hometown, she reconnects with her childhood sweetheart and receives an offer that’s tough to refuse. Here are some details about the main cast members.

Jesse Kove and Erin Kahill are the leading stars

Jesse Kove is the actor who plays Jacob in A Taste of Love. You might also recognize him from movies and TV shows like The Holiday Proposal Plan, Bring Me a Dream, On Eings of Ragles, and Christmas Cuisine of Love.

He’s quite popular on social media, with 510,000 followers on Instagram as it stands today.

Erin Kahill is the actress who plays Taylor in A Taste of Love. Some of Erin’s other movies and TV shows include A Timeless Christmas, Hearts in the Game, Love on the Road, and Every Time a Bell Rings.

Although Erin isn’t on Instagram, she does have an X account with 29,000 followers.

Jesse and Erin portray loads of chemistry on screen in A Taste of Love on the Hallmark Channel.

Other stars in A Taste of Love

Martin Kove is another actor you’ll see while watching A Taste of Love. He plays the role of Glenn.

Some of Martin‘s biggest movies and TV shows outside of the Hallmark Channel include the Karate Kid franchise of the 80s, Hard Time on Planet Earth, Project Shadowchaser, and Death Match.

Susan Gallagher plays the role of Patty Writer in A Taste of Love. Her work in film and TV includes Merry Good Enough, Sinister Seduction, Boyfriend Killer, and Dog Gone.

Another actress from A Taste of Love to keep an eye out for is Meghan Colleen Maroney, who plays Kathy.

This role is a big deal for Meghan’s career since she doesn’t have many other movies on her resume just yet.

The lineup of supporting characters is just as important as the main characters since they help the storyline move along.

A Taste of Love premieres on February 19 at 8/7c on Hallmark.

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