Interview: Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass are the last two men on Earth in the compelling buddy comedy Biosphere

Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass
Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass star in the buddy comedy Biosphere. Pic credit: IFC

How would you handle being the last man on Earth?

In Biosphere, Ray (Sterling K. Brown) and Billy (Mark Duplass) are just that, the last two men standing.

They live in a biosphere engineered by Ray, a genius scientist and best friend to Billy, the President of the United States at the time the world ended.

In their large, industrial-looking dome, they are surrounded by books, plants, and a small fish pond that provides enough protein for them to survive — until something starts happening to the fish, and they begin to die off and then change in a very fascinating way.

Their daily routine consists of jogging laps around the dome’s interior, playing lots of Super Mario Bros., and cultivating their seemingly small container garden that helps keep them alive.

Then, the unimaginable begins to happen, and Ray and Billy are forced to face some very new scientific happenings that will have them questioning everything about themselves and how far they will go to save humankind from extinction.

Monsters and Critics spoke to Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown ahead of Biosphere’s release

Ahead of the Biosphere release, Monsters and Critics had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown about their new movie and how they thought viewers might react to it.

What we learned is that both Mark and Sterling agreed that they do not know how it’ll all go over but, as Sterling assured us, “they’ll definitely feel something.”

It was a really fun interview full of insight and plenty of laughs as we discussed the reality of a Biosphere situation and also what kind of underlying message the movie may be putting out there in the form of a buddy comedy.

As we discussed, Biosphere is unlike any movie that has ever been made before, and it has quite a twist that, in case you haven’t seen it, we wouldn’t want to spoil for you.

It was made clear to me during the chat that those who watch the film react best if they aren’t aware of how it plays out beforehand — and they were right!

Movie critic John Dotson offers up Biosphere review

John Dotson often shares his film critiques on Monsters and Critics, and this was (luckily for me) one of those films.

He called Biosphere “flawed but inventive,” and I couldn’t agree more. He wrote, “The film has many comedic elements, but at its core is a sincere exploration of connection. The scope of this theme is boundless and can include those across numerous spectrums.”

Be sure to watch the whole interview with Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass below, and let us know what you think of the movie.

Biosphere is in theaters now.

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