How long is Gran Turismo? A parent’s guide to the runtime

Archie Madkwe in Gran Turismo.
Archie Madkwe in Gran Turismo. Pic credit: Sony Pictures

Kids play a lot of video games, so naturally, a new Gran Turismo movie will pique their interest.

It’s a daunting task to plan a whole day around taking a kid(s) to the movies, and the longer the film is, the more restless a child becomes.

And much like the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, a two-and-a-half-hour film can ask a lot of parents. Same with Barbie, which was almost two hours long, the toy-based movie might have been a friendlier streaming option for some parents.

The Gran Turismo movie (or Gran Turismo: Based On a True Story) is not a standard video game adaptation.

The film is a tuned-up depiction of a real-life event, and because of this, it covers a lot of ground.

But how long is Gran Turismo? Here is what readers should know about its runtime.

How long is Gran Turismo?

The film inspired by a video game (and true story) is not a brief trip to the cinema.

However, parents will be relieved to know that it is shorter in duration than The Little Mermaid.

Gran Turismo lasts two hours and fifteen minutes, making it somewhat lengthy.

If previews are included, the entire experience could be slightly under three hours, depending on the cinema.

Some may be frustrated that a movie based on Gran Turismo is 30 minutes longer than Days of Thunder (starring Tom Cruise). Nevertheless, the film’s length is justifiable, and minimal unnecessary content is left on the cutting room floor.

Here is the reason for its two-hour-plus runtime.

Gran Turismo length explained

Gran Turismo’s story consists of a four-act structure instead of three.

The first half hour sets up the characters and introduces the viewer to Jann Mardenborough (Archie Madekwe), a video gamer who believes Gran Turismo is an authentic simulator.

Followed by the establishment of GT Academy by Danny Moore (Orlando Bloom), who is pushed into recruiting a retired driver named Jack Salter (David Harbour) to ensure the drivers are safe on the road.

The second act dives into the GT Academy competition, followed by the third act, where the GT Academy winner(s) get to race outside the video game. The fourth act will be for readers to discover.

Needless to say, it packs a lot of storybeats from the true story of Mardenborough’s life. And by the time Gran Turismo hits the fourth corner lap, it’s almost an hour and 45 minutes into the film.

All this said, Gran Turismo is quite a thrill ride, and the runtime speeds by faster than one might expect.

Gran Turismo is now in theaters everywhere.

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