Fast X spoilers: Did Jakob Toretto die in the latest Fast and Furious movie? John Cena’s character explained

John Cena in Fast X.
John Cena in Fast X. Pic credit: Universal Pictures

The latest film in the insane Fast Saga has an insane villain giving the Toretto family nothing but hell. Many characters find themselves in peril against Dante (Jason Momoa). But none more than Jakob Toretto (John Cena), whose fate appears permanent. And fans are asking why.

Part of this confusion stems from John Cena just entering the franchise in the bizarrely absurd F9.

And in that short time, Cena’s role of Jakob went from villain to forgiven brother, to becoming a fun uncle, and now possibly dying.

What exactly happened to Jakob in Fast X?

Is this the last time we will see John Cena in the Fast and Furious?

Let’s overthink the final moments of the movie with Jakob Toretto.

What happened to Jakob in Fast X?

In the film’s penultimate climax, Dante manages to grab the God’s Eye from Aimes (Brie Larson), the device that shows where Little Brian and Jakob are hiding.

As Jakob and Little Brian try to escape the hideout in an armored car with cannons, Dante catches them and snatches Little Brian from Jacob’s vehicle, driving away with the child.

After, both Toretto brothers try to chase Dante on a bridge. Dom and Jakob find themselves with no path to rescue Little Brian as Dante’s men have the bridge blocked off.

Jakob sees this as an opportunity for redemption. He tells Dom he will clear the way, and in doing so, Jakob says he will no longer be under his brother’s shadow.

Jakob then drives the cannon car straight into the barrage of vehicles with Dante’s men inside. The whole thing pops with a giant ball of flame, signifying Jakob died.

But is Jakob actually dead?

Did Jakob die in Fast X?

At the moment, no interviews or details can bring enlightenment to the speculation surrounding Jakob’s fate. But this is to be expected since the movie just released today.

The death itself feels rather pointless, considering the film’s cliffhanger. But here is the detail readers need to remember. The Fast and the Furious franchise is a soap opera; no one stays dead. At least no one of significance.

By the time Fast 11 comes out, this could be retconned simply by telling the audience the car was fireproof.

If Tyrese and Ludacris can be shot into space in a Pontiac Fiero, John Cena can survive this movie.

And the biggest dead giveaway, Dwayne Johnson, is back. As a studio, they are dying to put Cena and Johnson in the same movie.

Jakob will return. Just wait and see. Until then, John Cena will make his next appearance in Barbie.

Fast X is now in theaters.

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