Exclusive interview: Cory Gruter-Andrew on going from The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow to two new movies

Cory Guter-Andrew and Casper Crump in Legends of Tomorrow
Cory as and Casper Crump as in Legends of Tomorrow. Pic: The CW

Cory Gruter-Andrew is a rising young star who has recently gained massive exposure thanks to roles in Legends of Tomorrow, The 100 and Van Helsing.

In all of these roles he has brought his A-Game and his hard work and perseverance have been rewarded with two great new movie roles — in Summer of ’84 and Beyond The Sun, which was requested by the Vatican and even features the Pope as himself.

Although neither film has a release date as of yet, there is already a fair bit of buzz surrounding them.

We caught up with the young actor and asked him about these roles as well as some of his TV work.

Monsters & Critics: You’ve been acting for television and film for a few years now. How did you get your start and what is it about acting that appeals to you?

Cory Gruter-Andrew: Well, for a long time my mother would suggest an acting course for me but I would usually say no because I actually used to have stage-fright, but one day I said yes just to check it out…and loved acting!

So after I finished the theatre course I went to try a film/TV course and decided to stick with that.

A few months later my acting coach lets me know that Premier Talent Management was holding an open casting call, so I decided to go for it.

About a week later I got a call asking if I was interested in signing with them and obviously I said yes.

From there on I started booking things and getting auditions. I joined with Paradigm Group down in Los Angeles, and it’s been all uphill from there.

M&C: In recent years you’ve had some pretty big guest spots on shows such as The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow. How did you find working with those two casts and what did you take away from the experience?

CGA: Working on those two shows was a blast. I got to observe some really experienced actors such as Wentworth Miller, Arthur Darvill and Alycia Debnam-Carey working on set and definitely took away from that as best I could.

Cory Gruter-Andrew and Arthur Darvill
Cory Gruter-Andrew with Arthur Darvill on the set of Legends of Tomorrow
Cory Guter-Andrew and Casper Crump in Legends of Tomorrow
Cory as Per Degaton and Casper Crump as Vandal Savage in Legends of Tomorrow

M&C: You have an interesting role in a new horror/mystery film titled Summer of ’84 in which you play Curtis Farraday. What can you tell us about this movie?

CGA: Summer of ’84 is a very 80s movie in which four boys set out on the investigation of a lifetime to try to track down a serial killer in their county — but you’ll have to check it out to find out what happens next!

M&C: In Summer of ’84 you’re playing a teen in the 1980s, which is a vastly different experience to now given that we didn’t have mobile phones or the technology then that we do now. Was it difficult for you to get into the mindset of an 80s teenager?

CGA: Honestly, a teenager is a teenager in my eyes and getting into the mindset wasn’t difficult because of the time period we’re in, its difficult because of the character that I play.

Getting into the mind of someone like Farraday is so interesting because he has so many little quirks, so I find it fun to do character and scene analysis.

M&C: Having had the chance to pretend to live an 80s life for awhile. Is there anything from the time period that you wish we had today?

CGA: Three words. The fashion sense.

M&C: Your teen co-stars in Summer of ’84 all have some pretty strong acting credits. What was it like for you to work with them and do you have any fun stories to share from the set. Especially given that you are three teenage lads on a movie set. There was at least a little mischief-making?

CGA: We all were professional while working but we would mess with each other when we weren’t on for sure.

It is always so nice when I get to work with people who are that much fun.

Pope Francis was such a strong advocate for Beyond The Sun he played himself

M&C: Another movie you’ve recently done, Beyond The Sun, has the distinction of being requested by Pope Francis, who also appeared in the film, with all profits from it going to charity. What are your thoughts about the movie?

CGA: Beyond the Sun is so interesting because it was requested by the Vatican and I think, that, along with the fact that Pope Francis has a role in the film, it will grab the attention of quite a broad spectrum of people.

M&C: In the film, you play the role of Tom. Can you describe his character for us?

CGA: Tom is the type of kid who wants to be a leader, he wants to be a good leader and cares about the people around him.

Tom tries hard to make decisions that are best for the group, and not just what is best for one person because he wants to step up to the plate and help out as well as he can.

Cory as Tom in Beyond The Sun, all the profits from which will go to charity

M&C: You shot the film in Argentina. What was that like as an experience for you?

CGA: Shooting in Argentina was so amazing because most of the movie was shot on location so I got to see some beautiful scenery and meet some amazing people.

M&C: What did you learn from the experience?

CGA: Beyond the Sun was my first major role in a film, so I really got educated on what it takes to work long-term on a set.

M&C: Okay. Let’s have it. You and I have had a few brief Twitter exchanges with regards to Deadpool. If you could book yourself a role in any superhero movie or play the lead in one of these films, what would it be and what do you think you would bring to it?

CGA: Ah, if I could choose I would say The Joker in Batman. I really feel like The Joker and I think that he would be such an interesting character to portray.

I could really connect with that psychotic mindset, it would be a great role!

M&C: As a young actor you’ve got to do a few period television shows and films. Is there a specific period of history that you’d love to get to play in?

CGA: That’s an easy one. My favorite time-frame is late 1800s to early 1900s, so a role in that era would be awesome.

Summer of ’84 and Beyond The Sun are both currently in post-production. Check back soon for further details about their release.

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