Does the dog die in The Silence on Netflix? Here is the answer

The Silence Netflix Dog
Did the dog die in The Silence on Netflix? Pic credit: Netflix

The new Netflix film The Silence hit the streaming platform this week and it carries a lot of the same tropes that made A Quiet Place and Bird Box so popular.

The story involves a family trying to survive creatures that look like a weird mixture of a bat and a miniature pterodactyl. Just like A Quiet Place, the creatures hunt humans based on sound.

This inevitably leads to the possible death in the film of a noisy canine.

Did the dog from the movie actually die though? Let’s dive into the details and solve the mystery.

Warning: Spoilers will follow for The Silence.

Does the Dog from The Silence die?

The scene in question is rather vague on the survival of the poor animal. What is shown is the Andrews family trapped in a car when out of nowhere the dog starts barking at looming threats because — of course, he does.

After loudly barking at the creatures known as “vesps,” monsters swarm the vehicle. This forces Stanley Tucci’s character, Hugh, to make an extremely tough decision.

He pops the hatchback and lets the dog free, causing emotional devastation for his daughter Ally (played by Kiernan Shipka).

The death of the dog is never shown on screen. Instead, viewers used context clues to jump to this conclusion. This assumption is later confirmed when the character Kelly Andrews (Miranda Otto) discusses the death of the dog.

Plus, how on Earth could the dog live in such an unstable environment that requires silence? It just would not work.

So, what is the verdict on whether the dog died or not? Sadly, this tragic canine joins the ranks of other fallen animals like the dog from I Am Legend to the microwaved pooch in Urban Legends.

Let’s pour one out for another dog lost to the horror genre!

The Silence is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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