Classic DC Comics hero Hourman to get solo movie

Hourman Pic credit: DC Comics

The hour may have struck for a classic DC hero.

Warner Bros and DC Films are working with Chernin Entertainment on a solo movie for the Golden Age hero Hourman, written by Gavin James and Neil Widener.

This would make him the first member of the classic Justice Society of America to get his own solo movie. 

Who is Hourman?

Debuting in 1940, Hourman was originally Rex Tyler, a chemist who invented “Miraclo,” a pill that would give him the strength of ten men for one hour. He used it as the masked crimefighter, aiding the Justice Society for years. 

As time went on, Rex had to face how he was addicted to the pill and altered the formula to remain a top fighter. 

When Rex and the rest of the JSA were lost in another dimension, his son, Rick, briefly took the role. Rex returned only to perish in 1994’s Zero Hour event. 

 In 1999, a robotic version from the 853rd century with both Tylers’ DNA also operated as Hourman in the present day. In a complex storyline, Rick saved Rex from his fate with the robot Hourman taking Rex’s place, so history still recorded he “died.”

Rex and Ric would alternate between the Hourman role. Rick would use a different version of the formula, as well as being hit by “flash forward” visions of an hour in the future. 

While DC’s “New 52” erased the JSA from history, they were restored in DC’s “Rebirth” event, which had both Hourmen once more members. Rick is also married to fellow JSA member Liberty Belle.

 Hourman in live-action

Stargirl JSA
Brec Bassinger, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington and Yvette Monreal of Stargirl Pic credit: The CW

This movie would not be the first time Hourman has appeared in a live-action form. 

Legends of Tomorrow ended its first season with the team met by the Rex Tyler Hourman, played by Patrick J. Adams. He and the rest of the JSA operated in the 1940s, but the evil Reverse-Flash killed Rex. 

On the CW’s Stargirl, Rex was wiped out with the rest of the JSA by the Injustice Society. His son, Rick (Cameron Gellman), took on the mantle. Instead of Miraclo, Rick uses a special hourglass of energy to give him sixty minutes of strength. 

There had been plans for a 2013 CW series, although it would have focused on Rex having the future visions rather than a costumed crimefighter. 

JSA plans

The choice of Hourman for a solo movie is interesting. Despite being a mainstay of the JSA, the character has rarely had his own solo book and often fits better in the team setting. 

The Black Adam movie (starring Dwayne Johnson as Shazam’s longtime enemy) is set to have Justice Society members Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher, and Doctor Fate. 

This indicates DC may be planning a JSA film. There’s no word on whether this film will be set in modern times or the 1940s. 

It may be an offbeat choice, but Hourman could help pave the way for a full Justice Society live-action movie in the future.

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