Child’s Play 2019 spoilers: Is there a post credits scene after movie ends?

chucky and andy bond in 2019 child's play reboot
Andy bonds with his friend Chucky in the 2019 Child’s Play reboot. Pic credit: Orion Pictures

The new Child’s Play 2019 reboot film is now in theaters and looks to scare audiences over the coming weekend.

It’s led to debates over whether or not this new Chucky is worthy of carrying a franchise on its shoulders. Meanwhile, those who might be squeamish about seeing the horror film in theaters are looking for those Child’s Play 2019 spoilers.

That includes whether or not there’s any Child’s Play post-credits scene or set-up for a sequel.

Child’s Play synopsis, reviews

The newest Child’s Play film brings horror fans a new way of looking at the murderous doll known as Chucky. This time around it’s not demonically-possessed, but instead, it’s a malfunctioning piece of AI technology created by Kaslan Industries that goes awry.

We once again have a kid named Andy (Gabriel Bateman) who owns the terrifying “Buddi” toy.

The boy seems to enjoy the toy until he begins to discover its evil side. Meanwhile, his mother (Aubrey Plaza) along with other characters start to believe that this kid’s crazy and causing all the deaths himself.

The new film hasn’t necessarily flopped yet, but so far it’s received mixed reviews from critics. Aggregate review site Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 59 percent based on their collected critics’ reviews.

New York Post’s Johnny Oleksinki called it “crazier and more level-headed than the original.” Other reviews praise the films humor and “psychological fear.”

On the other hand, there are also negative reviews suggesting the film is just plain dumb, or that as Slant Magazine’s Derek Smith calls it “a dime-a-dozen slasher film with a silly-looking doll as the villain.”

It may do decent in terms of revenue but will battle against the other toys hitting the screen this weekend. That’s Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the crew in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4, which is on pace for a record-setting weekend.

Child’s Play 2019 ending, post-credits scene?

If you aren’t planning to see the film but want to know what happens, here are the details. If you’re planning to see it at some point, it’s important to know there isn’t any post-credits scene.

However, it may have a set-up for a sequel.

The grand finale of the Child’s Play 2019 reboot includes a battle inside a locked-down store called Zed Mart. Andy’s there, as well as the murderous doll Chucky.

The other protagonist, a cop named Mike (Brian Tyree Henry) heads there to arrest Andy as he believes he’s responsible for the crimes.

Once he gets there, he learns that the doll is pulling the strings and killing people inside the store. He ends up getting hurt in the store, but not killed.

However, many other individuals inside the store are, thanks to Chucky unleashing his terror.

Andy manages to get to the store’s exit with his friends, who get out of harm’s way. However, Andy learns that his mom Karen is being held hostage by Chucky and has to go back in to try to save her.

Andy plays a hero as he frees his mother. From there, Andy, Karen, and Mike defeat Chucky. Andy and his friends smash the doll’s body to pieces in an alley near the Zed-Mart.

The fallout is that the company that created the hi-tech Chucky dolls pus out a disclaimer about the malfunctioning program. The Buddi dolls end up under recall, but viewers see some of the dolls going into storage start to malfunction in the boxes. Roll those credits!

So that certainly sets up possibilities for another Chucky, or two or three, to wreak havoc in a sequel.

With Mark Hammil and Aubrey Plaza amongst the talented cast in the reboot, fans may hope for more of them and Gabriel Bateman in anything that comes next.

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