Bird Box spinoff coming to Netflix

Bird Box
Sandra Bullock in Bird Box. Pic credit: Netflix

Bird Box was a massive hit for Netflix when the horror original movie hit the streaming service in 2019.

Now, there is a spinoff coming to Netflix, and it is going to be a little different.

Bird Box spinoff coming to Netflix

The original Bird Box starred Sandra Bullock as a woman who set out to protect two nameless children in a world where people have to wear blindfolds or face a horrible death.

The twist was that there was something in the world that caused anyone who uncovered their eyes to see their most terrible fear, which led most of the world to take their own lives.

Now, the sequel is coming and it will move south of the border.

Instead of an American cast, the Bird Box spinoff will be a Spanish-language series. This should be no problem for Netflix, as some of their most popular original series are Spanish-language, with the option for an English audio track.

Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan, who produced the first Bird Box will be back on this one. Alex and David Pastor will write the script and direct.

The brothers also worked on the Netflix Spanish thriller The Occupant and the HBO Max series The Head over the last year.

According to reports, the shooting will start before the end of 2021.

Netflix Bird Box tweet
Pic credit: @NetflixFilm/Twitter

What is Bird Box spinoff about?

The original Bird Box was based on Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name. It received lackluster reviews but was a massive success when it came to Netflix viewers worldwide.

The new movie will have a “Spanish-flavor” and it might be a way to break off to have several chapters from around the world, showing this was a global catastrophe.

It is also possible to become a movie world in and of itself, with different stories in this very unique society.

This Bird Box spinoff comes after a year’s worth of rumors about a sequel. Josh Malerman himself claimed that there was a sequel in development for Netflix. He even wrote a sequel novel called Malorie.

However, the spinoff looks to be arriving first, or possibly instead of the sequel idea that Netflix and Malerman were working on.

It also makes sense. As Netflix releases more and more of its original movies and series, they are doing a lot more when it comes to international releases, and some of those foreign-language movies and series have done better numbers than similar U.S. releases on the streaming service.

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