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Was John Cena in Bird Box? Why Google has the WWE superstar listed as appearing in the new Netflix movie

Was John Cena in Bird Box? Why Google has the WWE superstar listed as appearing in the new Netflix movie
Was John Cena in Bird Box? Pic credit: WWE

Fans have been very confused after Google and IMDB disagreed on a credit for the Sandra Bullock movie Bird Box. Was John Cena in Bird Box?

The answer is quite simply that John Cena was not in Bird Box, but the reason for the confusion is quite humorous.

Spoilers follow for the plot of Bird Box.

Why did Google say John Cena was in Bird Box?

It seems in this case that Google was trying to be funny. If you type in “Bird Box cast” into Google search, John Cena is listed along with the rest of the cast.

However, everyone who watched Bird Box knows for a fact that Cena is not in the movie — or at least that he isn’t seen in the movie.

See, that is the joke.

The plot of Bird Box has Sandra Bullock in a post-apocalyptic world where monsters are killing survivors. It is the opposite of the 2018 hit movie A Quiet Place.

While A Quiet Place had monsters killing anyone who made a sound, in Bird Box, they killed anyone who takes the appearance of the person’s fears and drives them to suicide.

This means that Bullock’s character and her two kids had to go blindfolded through the world to avoid seeing anything that would mean their deaths.

In the WWE, John Cena has one major catchphrase — “You can’t see me.”

That is the joke that Google is playing on fans. “You can’t see” John Cena and since the characters can’t see anything to protect themselves — well, that is the joke.

John Cena is in theaters now

While John Cena is not in Bird Box, fans can see him in the Christmas blockbuster Bumblebee.

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The latest Transformers movie is a huge success, rated 93 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and considered the best of the entire franchise.

He will also appear alongside Jackie Chan in the movie Project X-traction in 2019 and is making his big return to the WWE on SmackDown Live next week.

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