Are Bokeem Woodbine and Dave Chappelle brothers? Old Dads on Netflix reignites the question

Bokeem Woodbine at a For Your Consideration event for FX's Fargo.
Bokeem Woodbine at a For Your Consideration event for FX’s Fargo. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-Nelson

Bokeem Woodbine is one of those actors who is instantly recognizable. “That one guy” type of performer, so to speak.

And with his latest supporting role in the Netflix movie Old Dads, a common conspiracy is cropping up again involving Dave Chappelle.

The online scuttlebutt typically surrounding these two actors is whether or not they are related, mainly because they have a similar gaze and smile.

With the release of the latest film, which Bill Burr directs, searches spiked once again about whether these two beloved industry professionals are brothers, cousins, etc.

Are they related? Who is Bokeem Woodbine’s brother?

Here is what streamers should know about the 50-year-old star of Old Dads.

Bokeem Woodbine is a renowned actor who has graced a diverse set of films over 30 years.

Surprisingly, the two longtime industry performers have not starred in a movie together, even though both actors have touched action movies and comedies.

Woodbine starred in Life with Eddie Murphy, while Chappelle starred as a mean-spirited comedian with Murphy in The Nutty Professor. Woodbine was a character in Michael Bay’s underrated action film The Rock with Nicolas Cage, and Chappelle got thrown out of a plane by Cage in ConAir.

Even though they have come excessively close to sharing the room, the two have not yet worked on a project.

Regarding relations, Bokeem Woodbine has relatives, but the short answer is no, he is not related to the iconic powerhouse comedian Dave Chappelle.

However, it is worth noting that unconfirmed reports say Woodbine has a sibling.

Does Bokeem Woodbine have a brother?

There are no official discussions about the Jason’s Lyric actor’s personal family beyond his spouse, Mahiely Woodbine.

However, it is unverified whether he has a sister named Sharissa. The two of them can be seen in a photo together back in 2005.

For the most part, it seems as though the 50-year-old actor keeps his family out of the limelight.

That being said, viewers who are huge fans of the recognizable actor can see him as Mike Richards on Old Dads all weekend, where he plays an older dad who unexpectedly has to raise another child later in age.

The Snowfall actor also has a band called 13 Purple Dragons, who recently dropped some music. The new single Star Seeds Sling Jing Jams can be found on Spotify.

Old Dads is streaming on Netflix right now.

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