Zoey Deutch gets classy in strapless dress for Vogue

Zoey Deutch gets classy in strapless dress for Vogue
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Zoey Deutch looks as classy as ever in a new Vogue photoshoot.

The American actress was chosen to be the face of Vogue Thailand for their September cover and she looks absolutely stunning.

She shared some of the pictures of this photoshoot and reminded her fans of what an icon she is.

Posing in a black strapless leather dress and slicked-back hair, Deutch delivers a very classy look. Complementing the dress is her natural and radiant makeup with a fine set of gold earrings.

In another shot, she’s seen wearing a different black dress, this time it’s one with long sleeves and a big black flower right below her chest. She poses in the same green background as last time and gives a side view of her hairstyle, which is a slick, tight bun.

In the next pictures, Zoey gets super glammed up posing barefoot wearing a huge white puffy dress. The sheer fabric allows a little bit of her skin to come through the laced flowered fabric. This dress definitely gives bride vibes.

Zoey Deutch poses in a silk blue suit for Vogue

The 27-year-old actress shows her millions of followers on Instagram some of the pictures of her most recent magazine cover.

Deutch is the daughter of director Howard Deutch and actress-director Lea Thompson.

She has a very interesting broad career which began with roles on the Disney Channel like in one of the shows we all consider to be our childhood, The Suit Life on Deck, with Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Her acting career only grew since then. She was the main character of a movie called Before I Fall, back in 2017. Said story is based on a 2010 book by Lauren Oliver, and is very loved by fans. Zoey gained a lot more recognition ever since. She went on to appear in movies like Set It Up, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Buffaloed.

Zoey Deutch shares screen with Dylan O’Brien in new movie

As stated previously, Deutch’s career has taken her to meet and work with a lot of different people.

Among them is the beloved Dylan O’Brien, mostly known for his roles as Thomas in Maze Runner and Stiles Stilinkski in Teen Wolf.

In the new movie, Not Okay, Zoey plays a young woman living in New York City who is desperate to be famous and beloved by others and by the internet. She sees the opportunity and makes the wrong decision to take it. This gains her fame, but at what cost?

Not Okay is now streaming on Hulu.

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