Zoe Kravitz is not team Che Diaz after watching And Just Like That

Zoe Kravitz at the BAFTA British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2020.
Zoe Kravitz has made her feelings known about Che Diaz on the HBO Max show And Just Like That. Pic credit: ©

Actress Zoe Kravitz (the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz) has declared that she’s not on board with the Miranda and Che relationship in the HBO Max show And Just Like That.

Indeed, many fans have been very divided on the romantic relationship between lawyer Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and podcast host Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) throughout the series, with many fans wanting to see Steve and Miranda stay together.

But that looks unlikely. At the end of the season, Miranda asked Steve for a divorce and made plans to join Che in California while they filmed a TV show pilot.

But everyone seems to have an opinion on the Miranda and Che relationship, and the Big Little Lies star, Kravitz, has made her thoughts perfectly clear in an Instagram comment.

What got Zoe Kravitz involved?

A few days ago, the Instagram account everyoutfitonsatc (Every Outfit of Sex and the City) uploaded a picture of the infamous landmark Hollywood Sign altered to read “Che Diaz.”

“It’s Che Diaz’s world, we’re just living in it,” the photo captioned.

“Two types of people. #CommentsByCelebs,” the post continued.

That’s when the Mad Max: Fury Road actress jumped in and made her thoughts on the subject quite clear with just one word: “no.”

Sara Ramirez addresses their character’s backlash

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez is well aware of the stir that her character has caused on the show so far, and they’re okay with that.

“I’m very aware of the hate that exists online, but I have to protect my own mental health and my own artistry,” Sara said recently in an interview with The New York Times.

“And that’s way more important to me because I’m a real human being,” Sara continued. “I’m really proud of the representation that we’ve created. We have built a character who is a human being, who is imperfect, who’s complex, who is not here to be liked, who’s not here for anybody’s approval. They’re here to be themselves.”

“I’m really proud of the representation that we’ve created,” they added.

Sara Ramirez came out as both nonbinary and bisexual in August 2020.

Sara, 46, spent twelve seasons on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, exiting the show at the end of season 12. They played bisexual orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres and was nominated for awards multiple times during their tenure on the show.

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2 years ago

Sorry, but as with any female (lesbian or straight) Miranda became attached. She’s coming off as a stage 5 clinger.