Young Dolph murder suspect Straight Dropp attacked in jail

Young Dolph straight dropp prison
The two murder suspects in the slaying of Young Dolph have pled not guilty. Pic credit: Young Dolph/YouTube

Justin Johnson, one of the men accused of shooting and killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph in November last year, was reportedly attacked in jail last week.

The 23-year-old is a rapper who goes by the name Straight Dropp, and his affiliation with Dolph, if any, is currently unknown.

Johnson was apprehended in January after going on the run and has since pled not guilty to all charges.

Johnson and the other accused in the murder of Dolph, Cornelius Smith, are facing charges of first-degree murder, criminal attempted first-degree murder, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, employ of a firearm with intent to commit a felony, and theft of property.

Straight Dropp reportedly punched in prison

According to the suspect’s lawyer, Juni Ganguli, he was on the phone in the jail’s visitation area when a fellow inmate snuck up on him and punched him.

TMZ reports that a motive has not been established for the attack, and Johnson was not severely injured.

This news comes after gruesome detail was released about Young Dolph’s cause and manner of death.

The beloved Memphis rapper sustained 22 gunshots in the deadly shooting at Makeda’s cookie bakery.

In January, Johnson took to his Instagram account to claim that he was innocent and would turn himself in to the police.

However, as previously reported, the rapper released a music video instead and continued to stay on the run until he was caught by law enforcement.

Straight Dropp and Young Dolph’s mysterious connection

While prosecutors have mentioned they have established a motive, it is yet to be revealed to the public.

After internet sleuths accused Justin Johnson of being involved in the murder prior to his arrest, a photo emerged of Dolph and Johnson.

In the image, Straight Dropp is stood behind the late rapper in what appears to be a nightclub or performance venue.

Straight Dropp also posted a photo less than two weeks before Young Dolph’s shooting showing him wearing a “PRE” chain.

In the caption, he wrote, “Forever F**k Opps Till I’m Dead In The Grave ☠️ 100k In All Blues Ts Getting Crazy? . .#Biggest☔️”

PRE stands for Paper Route Empire, Young Dolph’s independent label. However, Johnson was not signed to the label, and how he acquired the piece of jewelry is yet to be established.

The rapper, flashing money in the photo, told the court he could not afford an attorney and the judge appointed one for him.

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