YNW Melly was not stabbed in jail: Hoax website falsely claims the jailed rapper is dead

YNW Melly prison
YNW Melly appears in the video for hit single Murder on My Mind. Pic credit: YNW Melly/YouTube

As the hip hop community mourns the loss of 21-year-old rapper Juice Wrld, YNW Melly is subject to false rumors that he was stabbed in prison, which left many of his fans believing he is dead. The claims are fake, and the 20-year-old rapper is still alive.

YNW Melly is currently behind bars after being arrested in March after police accused the Murder on My Mind rapper of murdering his two friends Christopher Thomas Jr. (YNW Juvy) and Anthony Williams Henry (YNW Sakchaser).

The rumor about his death started after a prank website called claimed that YNW Melly had been stabbed and was in a critical condition after what was described as a “gang-related incident”.

The hoax story received thousands of shares on Facebook, while a similar fake article — originally posted in April 2019, and which claimed YNW Melly had died — was also widely shared.

The false claims were later picked up by an outlet which features in the ‘Top Stories’ feature at the top of Google search results, which said the reports were unconfirmed but which made no reference to the story starting on a hoax website.

At one point YNW Melly’s Wikipedia page was also changed to claim he had passed away.

Twitter reacted to the hoax claiming that YNW Melly died in prison.

However, there were no credible reports suggesting that the No Heart rapper was stabbed or died in prison, and his official Instagram page later confirmed the rumors about his death were fake.

Last month, YNW Melly released his debut album Melly vs. Melvin while behind bars. The incarcerated rapper generated a headline for paying tribute to Juice Wrld following his unexpected death.

In an Instagram tribute, YNW Melly shared a snippet of his plan to remix his single Suicidal with the late rapper with the following caption. “Rest In Peace @juicewrld999. Legend gone [too] soon.”

Melly, real name Jamell Demons, turned himself into authorities and pleaded not guilty to the double murder charges of his two friends.

Last month, prosecutors released crime scene photos taken by the Miramar Police Department. Police accuse the 20-year-old rapper of planning the double murder by claiming his friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser were victims of a drive-by. The prosecution claims that the ballistics test proves Melly is the shooter and his cellphone tracking proves that he was at the crime scene.

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