Woody Allen pays tribute to wife Soon-Yi Previn: Says she helps his neuroses and calmed him down

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn on the red carpet
Woody Allen paid tribute to wife Soon-Yi Previn for helping him with his neuroses. Pic credit: ©

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have been married since 1997, and the director credits his wife with calming him down and helping him with his numerous neuroses.

The 84-year-old told Britain’s Mail on Sunday that, “I have calmed down since I got married,” adding, “I’ve got rid of many of my more neurotic traits, although I still won’t go through tunnels, and I don’t like small spaces or elevators.”

The Annie Hall director said, “Soon-Yi changed me.”

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The couple had a somewhat unusual start to their relationship; 49-year-old Previn, who is 35-years her husband’s junior, was Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter — Farrow is Allen’s former partner.

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi agree on the ‘big stuff’

But Allen says that the pair clicked on numerous levels. Like so many couples, Allen admitted that he and Previn have their differences, “Soon-Yi doesn’t really like jazz or sports, and I don’t like some of the TV shows she watches,” but he says they agree on the “big stuff.”

According to Allen, they both agree on how to raise their kids, where to live, and how to act with each other.

He also added that being a father was very important to him. The pair adopted two daughters shortly after they married; Bechet and Manzie, who are now 21 and 20 respectively, and are both in college.

“We adopted two children together. Being a father was important to me. We had a lot of fun. Both the girls are in college now, one in California and one at art college in New York.”

He also added that Soon-Yi keeps him socializing, saying, “she gets me to go out four or five times a week. She likes the social rumble, and I enjoy it, too.”

The director has been dogged by allegations that he sexually abused his daughter Dylan Farrow, but he strenuously denies the accusations. He claimed that he’s unconcerned about the allegations and doesn’t let them get him down.

“Of course, I am aware I am the subject of gossip and scandal, but I cannot let it bother me,” he said. “I live my life. I work. I play jazz. I watch sports. I see my friends. I don’t look up, and I don’t read anything. It was a false allegation but a great tabloid drama.”

Woody Allen has been surrounded in controversy

Woody Allen remains a controversial figure; the recent sexual assault allegations by Dylan Farrow have caused Amazon to pull out of a $52 million four-movie deal, and publisher Hachette dropped his memoir Apropos Of Nothing.

Allen’s son and Dylan Farrow’s brother, Ronan Farrow, has been an instrumental figure in uncovering the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

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