Why did Xscape break up?

Kandi Burruss smiling
The ladies of Xscape have a history of bad blood. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

In 1998, after being one of the hottest groups in the R&B world, Xscape disbanded to the dismay of their adoring fans. The group consisted of four ladies: Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Kandi Burruss.

LaTocha left the group to pursue a solo project. But prior to that, there were rumors that LaTocha wanted to be the lead singer and Jermaine Dupri, who brought the group fame, wanted Kandi to be the lead. It didn’t help that Kandi and Jermaine were having an affair, either.

There were accusations of favoritism towards Kandi from Jermaine, and Kandi was accused of sleeping her way to the top. Kandi has also complained that LaTocha was not a team player.

The group disbanded but reconnected in 2017 at the BET Awards after 19 years. They announced a tour and new music, but Kandi announced that the tour and music would happen without her because she was going to pursue her acting career on Broadway.

The foursome then became a threesome, calling themselves XSCAP3 in 2018. They even created a recording label, XSCAP3 Entertainment, after Kandi signed over her rights to the Xscape name.

The foursome reconnected yet again in 2021 for a Verzus episode and they decided to go on tour as a foursome again. But the ladies are now having a feud over a dress at the Soul Train Awards and an issue with the promoter, so it looks like LaTocha is out again.

The Xscape girls are feuding again

While being awarded the Soul Train Lady of Soul Award, some confusion went down regarding the dress scheme and LaTocha wore a green dress while everyone else wore silver. That started a social media war that had Kandi blocking LaTocha and Latocha spilling a lot of tea.

LaTocha claimed in a post on Instagram that she didn’t “get the memo” regarding what to wear on the blue carpet for the award show. Kandi said that it was LaTocha’s fault because she used a different stylist, and promptly blocked LaTocha.

LaTocha posted several clips on social media, defending herself, and even posted an Instagram story calling out her bandmates for not defending her against public scrutiny.

LaTocha's Instagram story
Pic credit: @iamlatocha/Instagram

LaTocha Scott isn’t going on the latest tour

In her Instagram story, LaTocha further explained why she wasn’t going on tour with the group. And it all boils down to an alleged problematic promoter.

LaTocha says that the promoter for the tour was brought to the group by her husband. But Kandi and Tiny got COVID-19, and their absence for a couple of shows created some sort of rift between the promoter and LaTocha’s hubby.

LaTocha's Instagram story
Pic credit: @iamlatocha/Instagram

According to LaTocha, the promoter threatened her husband’s life, and she refused to tour with someone capable of such things. She said that she was willing to tour on all the dates where that promoter wasn’t involved.

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