Is Xscape dropping a member after their latest fued?

LaTocha Scott from Xscape at the BET Awards
The members of Xscape are feuding, but there seems to be one common enemy. Pic credit: ©

The ladies of Xscape could use some understanding after a dress mishap has now prevented them from just kicking it. The ladies were on the blue carpet for the Soul Train Music Awards, but one of them was not like the others.

The group of four was honored with the prestigious Lady of Soul Award that evening. Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Tamika Scott all wore silver dresses, while LaTocha Scott wore a green silk gown.

LaTocha posted a picture of the ladies on the carpet with a caption thanking the fans and BET. But at the end, she stated that “she didn’t get the memo regarding the wardrobe for the night, but that everyone still looked amazing.

Kandi caught up to LaTocha on a blog post, explaining to a fan that it was not her fault that she looked different, and called LaTocha out, saying, “@LaTocha the only thing for people to know is that you chose to have a separate stylist from the rest of the group. You chose to separate yourself, do not blame us for that. Stop continuing to put out false narratives.”

LaTocha then shared a message with her stylist showing that there was no color scheme told to her regarding the evening. However, at the top of the text thread, you can see a clipped image of what looks like a gown in the color scheme that the rest of the group wore.

LaTocha then shared a picture of the other three Xscape ladies at a Halloween party dressed as the Supremes, saying, “I guess I knew about this too huh?” After that, she posted a video of herself letting everyone know that this will not be her little secret, captioning the post, “People are betting on your silence, NOT THIS TIME!”

LaTocha then posted an Instagram story explaining even more. In the post, she apologized to the fans and stated that the reason she had her own stylist was because she had been overcharged by the group stylist in the past.

A post from LaTocha Scott
Pic credit: @iamlatocha/Instagram

She also called out the members of her group for not coming to her defense over the backlash she received on social media. LaTocha then went on to say that she would not be touring with the group due to a threat from the tour promoter.

LaTocha said that the promoter was first introduced to the group by her husband; however, the two had a falling out, and she chose to stand by her man.

Post from LaTocha Scott
Pic credit: @iamlatocha/Instagram

Kandi Burruss has unfollowed LaTocha Scott on Instagram

After Kandi had spoken out about LaTocha wearing the wrong outfit, she stopped speaking on the matter altogether and blocked LaTocha from Instagram. LaTocha claimed that she was blocked in a blog’s comments when she was accused of blocking Kandi.

Tiny has had plenty to say, however. She posted a meme saying, “Be comfortable with not sharing your side of the story…God saw it all.” She captioned it, “Can’t even enjoy our moment.”

She then posted a video of the ladies practicing for their upcoming tour. It showed LaTocha’s sister Tamika Scott singing LaTocha’s parts of the song Softest Place.

LaTocha’s sister Tamika is not taking her sister’s side

Tamika is in agreement with the rest of the ladies and not her sister, it seems. In a comment on a blog, she said that she loves her sister and has always had her back, right or wrong.

Tamika then went on to say that at some point, you have to mature and make the right decisions. She ended with, “God is watching and I’m not disappointing him for NOBODY!!!!!!”

LaTocha, however, claimed in her Instagram Story that the sisters had already fallen out over Tamika’s disrespect for their mother, but she did not go into detail about what exactly occurred.

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