Who is Hulk Hogan’s new ex-wife Jennifer McDaniel?

Hulk Hogan ex-wife Jennifer McDaniel
Jennifer McDaniel was married to The Hulkster for over 10 years. Pic credit: @HulkHogan/Twitter

In February 2022, WWE legend Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea, 68, broke the sad news to his Hulkamaniacs that he was divorced from his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel.

On the bright side for Hulk fans, the WWE legend also took the opportunity to introduce his newest girlfriend, Sky Daily. Hogan divorced Linda, his first wife, and the mother of his two children, Brooke and Nick, in 2009. That marriage ended amid allegations of adultery and abuse.

Both sides denied the allegations. Hogan married McDaniel at their home in Clearwater, Florida, in December 2010. They had been together since late 2007.

All three of Hogan’s public partners have been blonde bombshells, but what else do we know about the second Mrs. Hulkster.

McDaniel got a car, house & cash payment in the divorce

Hogan and McDaniel finalized their divorce in October 2021. TMZ reported on some details of the couple’s divorce. The gossip site said that some of the conditions included Hogan buying McDaniel a car with a promise that she doesn’t have to pay anything. Hogan also had to make a cash payment to McDaniel.

In addition, McDaniel gets to keep the couple’s home in Palm Isle, Florida, while Hogan continues to live in their home in Clearwater, Florida. TMZ describes the divorce as “amicable” in their reporting.

A photographer allegedly caused a fight at their wedding

The couple’s wedding got off to a rough start when a photographer, named by Bleacher Report as Robert Martinez, claimed that he was beaten up as he tried to gain access to the nuptials. TMZ reported at the time that the other person involved in the scuffle was a member of Hogan’s family who was employed to perform security duties at the party.

Hogan’s attorney David Houston told E! at the time of the wedding, “It’s a big occasion for Terry and Jennifer. It will not be a lavish ceremony or a big celebrity wedding, but a private moment for the two of them.” Hogan’s son, Nick, served as his father’s best man.

Hogan said McDaniel ‘walks in the spirit of Christ’

Hogan said in a 2010 Fox News interview about the differences between his two marriages, “My marriage to Linda was very toxic, and very negative. Jennifer is just the opposite. She doesn’t watch anything negative, like the news or TMZ. She doesn’t read the newspaper. She always walks in the spirit of Christ.”

Hogan does not think that the couple’s 21-year age difference is that big of a deal. Hogan told The Huffington Post in 2014, “I’ve been with Jennifer [McDaniel] seven years now — married for four — and she’s younger than me, which is way cool. I’m sixty years young and she’s thirty-nine, so it was a little weird at first, but I’m cool with it.

McDaniel worked in the make-up department on several movies following her marriage to Hogan. According to her IMDb profile, McDaniel most notably worked as a make-up artist on the 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand.

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