Who is Alex Martini? Bella Thorne reportedly has a new girlfriend, but is she still dating Benjamin Mascolo?

Alex Martini
Bella Thorne reportedly has a new girlfriend, Alex Martini. Pic credit: goformartini/Instagram

Actress Bella Thorne has a new girlfriend. On Sunday, she posted a photo to her Instagram, showing her topless while cuddling with her new girlfriend.

“She’s very cute, first girl I have dated that’s camera shy,” the caption read.

However, because the face of Thorne’s partner was not shown in the photo and Thorne did not tag anyone, fans began speculating about the identity of her new girlfriend.

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Internet sleuths soon concluded that Thorne’s new girlfriend was Alex Martini, a set production assistant.

Some fans, who claimed that the tattoos on the arm of Thorne’s partner matched the tattoos displayed by Martini on her Instagram page, posted comments identifying Thorne’s mysterious partner as Martini.

“She is @goformartini,” Instagram user whiteworld_6 wrote.

Thorne’s former girlfriend, Tana Mongeau, appeared to confirm that Thorne’s partner was Alex Martini.

“Yes Martini,” she wrote in the comments.

Many fans began wondering whether Thorne having a new partner meant that she had broken up with her boyfriend, Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo.

She was first reported to be dating Mascolo in April 2019, soon after she officially announced her split from rapper Mod Sun.

“What happened to Ben?” Instagram user meg_graceex asked.

However, Mascolo, who is one-half of the group Benji & Fede and lives in Italy, posted a comment to Thorne’s Instagram complimenting her new girlfriend.

“You girls are cute,” he wrote with heart emojis.

Many fans interpreted Mascolo’s comment to indicate that he was open to having a polyamorous relationship with Thorne and Martini.

The suggestion that Thorne, Mascolo, and Martini, were in a “throuple” might have been informed by the fact that Thorne, 21, was previously in a throuple that included her rapper ex-boyfriend Mod Sun and YouTube star Tana Mongeau.

Thorne first identified as bisexual in 2016, but later clarified in July 2019 that she was pansexual.

She announced in February 2019 that she had broken up with Mongeau, who got married to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul, in July. Thorne also later announced in April that she had broken up with rapper Mod Sun.

Thorne and Mongeau had a brief spat on Twitter after they broke up. Thorne accused Mongeau of “breaking girl code.” Many interpreted Thorne’s “girl code” accusation to mean she believed Mongeau was dating Mod Sun behind her back.

Who is Alex Martini?

Alex Martini’s IMDb page identifies her as a set production assistant who has worked on many TV shows.

She has worked as a set production assistant on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (2014), Project Runway: Threads (2014), Six Degrees of Everything (2015), The Orville (2017), GLOW (2017-2018), Dirty John (2018), Arrested Development (2018-2019), The OA (2019), and Booksmart (2019).

Her film credits include Kong: Skull Island (2017), Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Bright (2017), Destroyer (2018), and Venom (2018).

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