What happened to The Weeknd? Face bandages at AMAs bring accident and plastic surgery speculation

singer the weeknd face amas speculation
The Weeknd was on hand to perform and accept awards for the AMAs. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Fans wondered what happened to The Weeknd as his face was covered by bandages when he showed up to accept an award at the American Music Awards.

Some fans thought the singer might have suffered an injury in an accident, prompting him to wear bandages on his face.

Others thought that he legitimately got some plastic surgery to change up his appearance.

However, his AMAs face covering was for a different reason, as fans learned several months ago.

The Weeknd accepts AMAs award with bandages on face

The first award of the night at the American Music Awards 2020 edition went to The Weeknd. He received the award for Favorite Album – Soul/R&B category for his smash record, After Hours.

Ciara presented the award, and The Weeknd arrived out on stage with bandages wrapped on his face in what was a shocking sight for many fans.

The Weeknd showed up soon after that with an exclusive performance featuring Kenny G in the streets of Los Angeles. Once again, he arrived wearing those bandages on his face as he performed In Your Eyes.

Fans react: What happened to The Weeknd’s face?

Fans rushed to social media to ask what happened to The Weeknd’s face and react to seeing the bandaged look.

Fans were concerned that something serious might have happened to the singer or that he had just gone through some surgery.

The Weeknd Tweet 1 AMAs
Pic credit: Twitter

Others speculated that the singer had just left from surgery to claim his AMAs prize.

weeknd tweet 2 about amas look
Pic credit: Twitter

The Weeknd’s face bandages had plenty of fans wondering if it was an accident or some recent plastic surgery he got.

weeknd tweet 3 amas
Pic credit: Twitter

There wasn’t any recent accident or plastic surgery. Actually, this isn’t the first time that The Weeknd was seen with those bandages on his face. In August, Just Jared reported that the singer was wearing bandages on his music video set.

It’s due to the bloody and cut up look that the singer has donned for his new album After Hours. He also performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in makeup that made him appear bloody and cut up on stage. It’s all part of the latest album theme, though.

In his video for In Your Eyes, which carries a viewer warning before it starts, The Weeknd has his head chopped off by an ax-wielding female. The video for his hit Blinding Lights also featured the singer with a bloody look.

So it seems that The Weeknd wasn’t hurt or fresh out of plastic surgery but is instead using this look to gain publicity as part of his latest performances. His shocking appearance certainly appears to have had the desired effect as it created quite a stir on Twitter!

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3 years ago

He’s an idiot.

3 years ago

I can see other ways to get a point across about driving while drunk without having your face all bandaged up looking like you were in a fight. Sure hope he does not look this way when he does the SuperBowl Halftime show, that would be very dumb