Wendy Williams is facing backlash for comments about the death of Drew Carey’s ex Amie Harwick

Wendy Williams on the red carpet
Wendy Williams is in trouble for comments made on her show again. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Wendy Williams is in trouble again for comments made on her show. She has been accused of making a classless joke about the death of Amie Harwick, who died last Saturday.

Williams has been in trouble for her controversial comments a lot recently. Just last week, she angered many by stating that gay men shouldn’t be wearing skirts.

Last month she was accused of insensitivity when she mocked Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft lip.

LAPD suspects that Harwick, a celebrity sex and relationship therapist, was murdered.

Harwick was briefly engaged in 2018 to The Price Is Right host Drew Carey, who released a moving statement about his grief over her death.

Amie Harwick died when she plunged from a balcony on the third story of her residence in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles. Her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The controversial host of The Wendy Williams show said on air, “she was killed. Not by Drew.”

She then shouted out The Price Is Right catchphrase, “Come on Down!” as she did that she moved her head downwards as if miming watching somebody falling.

The studio audience reciprocated with audible gasps rather than laughter.

Williams faced a strong online backlash

Folks on Twitter were quick to condemn William’s remarks as lacking class.

Rock guitarist Nita Strauss, who is currently touring with Alice Cooper, posted that Williams had made a “classless move against a victim of domestic violence.”

She called Amie Harwick an “amazing woman” and a “champion for mental health awareness.”

Jack Osborne also took to Twitter to say, “Amie was a friend,” and he accused Williams of being “rude and shallow.”

He continued: “She was tragically murdered, yet you somehow tried to make light of that. Shame on you.”

Melissa Santos wrote, “My beautiful friend is killed by an abusive Ex and you joke about it on your show??”

Guitarist Paul Stanley also spoke out on Twitter to accuse Williams of “heartless cruelty for a cheap laugh.”

Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversial remarks

Williams has been in trouble a few times recently over comments made on her show.

She was widely slammed last week for saying in a segment about Galentines Day that gay men should “stop wearing our skirts and our heels.” Her remarks quickly brought condemnation online.

Galentine’s Day is a reference to a nonofficial holiday that celebrates platonic relationships between women; it was popularized by the TV show Parks and Recreation.

Last month a petition was started to get her fired from her show after she mocked Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft lip.

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