Wendy Madison Bauer: Who is Luke Perry’s fiancee?

Luke Perry as Fred Andrews on Riverdale
Luke Perry, who was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer before his death, on Riverdale. Pic credit: CW network

Luke Perry kept his personal life private. He was never one to throw his relationships into the public eye.

Upon his unexpected passing yesterday, it was announced that Luke Perry had been engaged. When news of his death was revealed, his rep released a statement including everyone who had been at Perry’s bedside and Wendy Madison Bauer was one of those people.

Who is Wendy Madison Bauer?

Simply put, Wendy Madison Bauer is Luke Perry’s fiancee. Their relationship was not talked about publicly but she did accompany him to an event in 2017 where they were photographed together. Their relationship timeline will remain a mystery until Bauer breaks her silence about the situation.

As far as career goes, Wendy is a therapist. She counsels adults, children, and couples. According to her LinkedIn page, Bauer is employed in a private practice firm and has been for over four years.

She went back to school after dabbling in Hollywood for a while. Wendy Madison Bauer made appearances on shows like The Mentalist and Crash. Her roles weren’t anything that shot her to superstar status, but they allowed her to make connections in the business.

What is next for Wendy Madison Bauer?

It has only been one day since the news of Luke Perry’s death broke. Wendy Madison Bauer was there alongside his kids, his family, and his ex-wife as he passed away.

There has been a lot of love sent to his family by former co-stars, fans, friends, and extended family since Perry passed. The shock of his engagement has piqued interest from all over the world, prompting more questions to be asked.

Right now, Wendy Madison Bauer has remained out of the spotlight. Her relationship with Luke Perry was something they shared quietly, never flaunting it in public. If and when she is ready, Bauer may release her own statement on the situation, but until then, no one really knows much about her and Luke.

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