Watch Dick Van Dyke, 96, dance with wife Arlene Silver in this sweet video

Dick Van Dyke at the Mary Poppins Returns premiere at The Dolby Theatre in 2018.
Dick Van Dyke still has plenty of song and dance moves at age 96, as demonstrated in a recent Valentine’s Day music video on YouTube. Pic credit: ©

Dick Van Dyke is showing us all that he still has some pretty impressive song and dance moves, even at age 96, and that he can still keep up with the best of them.

On Valentine’s Day, the legendary actor and comedian was part of an adorable video of him, his wife of almost ten years, makeup artist Arlene Silver, and the barbershop quartet group The Vantastix in a sweet video that’s received a lot of love.

What was the video?

Arlene Silver directed and starred in the delightful nearly three-minute video, which was an upbeat cover of the 1950s Doris Day song Everybody Loves a Lover.

The video starts with Arlene admiring herself in the mirror as she danced, sang, and strolled throughout the room.

About one minute into the video, Arlene danced over to her husband, who’s sitting in a chair, staring at his nails. He sang a verse in his chair before getting up to dance with his wife.

“Who’s the most popular personality? I can’t help but feel there’s no one else but me. Gee, I feel just about ten feet tall, I’m having a ball,” he sang.

Then he pops up and joins his wife for a lively song and dance number with a cute call-and-response set of verses.

The two walk over to a loveseat toward the end of the video, intercut with some slapstick humor of Dick Van Dyke attempting to cover up a naked statue with a shocked look on his face.

The video wraps up when Arlene and Dick share a sweet kiss on the loveseat. In a throwback to his primetime days on television, the actor swiftly sidesteps an ottoman, a nod to his role in The Dick Van Dyke Show, which ran from 1961 to 1966.

The video also included the musical talent of their barbershop quartet group, The Vantastix (which consists of Mike Mendyke, Bryan Chadima, and Eric Bradley), while musician Tony Guerrero performed a trumpet solo.

The music video was filmed at Fallen Fruit’s colorful SUPERSHOW art installation in Los Angeles.

Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver will celebrate ten years of marriage this month

Dick and Arlene first met at the SAG Awards in 2006, where Arlene was a makeup artist for the event.

The two became friends, and Dick hired Arlene to be his personal makeup assistant. From there, love blossomed.

“The last couple of years we kind of fell in love,” Dick told Entertainment Weekly in 2013 after announcing their recent marriage. “She keeps up with me.”

The two wed in a low-key wedding ceremony in Malibu on February 29 (Leap Day). It was Dick Van Dyke’s second marriage and Arlene Silver’s first.

At age 49, Arlene is younger than the Diagnosis Murder actor by 46 years, but neither of them seems very fazed about the age gap. In an interview with The Huffington Post (now HuffPost) in 2013, Arlene has referred to Dick as her “prince.”

“I went through a lot of frogs to get my prince,” Arlene said.

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