Tyga Responds after Nikita Dragun ‘exposed’ his DM

Tyga hits back at Nikita Dragun after her viral music video include his message. Pic credit: @tyga/Instagram and @nikitadragun/Instagram

Tyga began trending on social media after Nikita Dragun released a music video for her song D.I.C.K, to which he issued a response.

In the video, she included a screenshot of a DM from the rapper, which reads, “text me,” with his number covered by the word: D**K.

She also has photos, DMs, and footage with other men, including model and Survivor contestant Michael Yerger.

The video suggested that Tyga was trying to date Nikita, who is a transgender social media personality.

This sparked a debate on Twitter as to whether she was trying to “out” Tyga.

“Tyga is so heavily supportive of trans women & even if he sparked interest in some, Nikita is real weird for including him in that video and tryna paint a narrative that he was “DL” about anything … she so embarrassing [Loudly crying face emoji],” wrote one Twitter user.

However, others disagreed, arguing that the transgender social media personality is a woman and thus can’t be “outing” the rapper.

“how did nikita out tyga when she’s a woman? y’all politics so shaky,” read another comment on Twitter.

comments about tyga and nikia dragun on twitter
Pic credit: @femmethug/Twitter and @LondynnMilan/Twitter

Tyga responds to Nikita

When a fan asked Tyga to explain the alleged DM, he confirmed that it is real but said that he DM’d Nikita because his company produced a music video for the social media star.

“My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped. Not sure why she added my likeness to this,” Tyga wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, the Rack City rapper accused Nikita of clout-chasing: “Ladies and gentlemen clout kills.”

tyga's comment on twitter that clout kills
Pic credit: @T-Raww/Twitter

Last month, Tyga’s ex-girlfriend tweeted that the rapper “loves Trans,” adding that he should “tell the truth.” Chyna deleted the tweets after she was accused of being transphobic by attempting to shame him.

Nikita denies trying to ‘out’ Tyga

Nikita Dragun responded to the backlash from her video and denied that she was implying she had a sexual relationship with the men in the music video.

On her Instagram Story, Nikita denies sleeping with all the people who appeared in the video but did not specify which individual she was talking about.

“And no. I didn’t not hookup with all the people in the video, Y’all are so quick to sexualize Trans Women,” she wrote.

Despite the raunchy lyrics, Nikita denies that she was implying sex and shifted the blame on her critics.

“We can be friends with dudes. It is U who put the narrative that a man will only want to be with a Trans woman for sex.”

The video currently has over 4.5 million views on her Instagram account.

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