Tory Lanez’s hair sparks mockery on Twitter over ‘bald spot’

Rapper Tory Lanez
Rapper Tory Lanez’s ‘bald spot’ has led to him being mocked on Twitter. Pic credit: BigBoyTV/YouTube

Tory Lanez began trending on Twitter this after a pic which appeared to show the rapper with a bald spot on the top of his head went viral.

The image was a screenshot taken from a video that surfaced online on Tuesday in which the rapper plays basketball with a couple of friends. The screenshot clearly shows what looks like a bald spot on the top of Tory’s head and Twitter was quickly flooded with users sharing it.

Many shared — sometimes cruelly — jokes and memes about the Canadian-born Luv rapper’s apparent lack of hair.

Some compared his bald spot to a sunroof, while others compared it to a worn-out sponge. Some recalled the hilarious scene from Home Alone in which Kevin set fire to the leader of the Wet Bandits’ head.

One Twitter user suggested Lanez could try Gorilla Glue to cure his baldness.

Long Beach rapper Rapper Joey Fatts also commented on Instagram.

Tory Lanez spoke about his baldness issues back in 2019

Lanez has spoken about his struggle with baldness in the past. During a November 2019 interview on BigBoyTV, the rapper revealed that he underwent a hair restoration procedure (see video below) to fix his receding hairline.

Twitter previously mocked Lanez over his height

This is not the first time that Lanez has been mocked on social media. The rapper was the subject of jokes and memes over his height in the past as well.

Monsters and Critics reported in September 2020 that Lanez responded to people who were mocking him about his height in the track Money Over Fallouts from his 17-track Daystar album, released on September 25, 2020.

In it, Lanez tried to set the record straight about his height. He noted that some people were spreading rumors that he was only 5 feet 3 inches tall and claimed he was, in fact, 5 feet 7 inches tall.

“Oh, now I’m 5’3″? N*s sayin’ I’m a shorty/But lil’ bh I’m 5’7″, money on me side-steppin’/And if I stand on my wallet, you can see my thighs in Heaven,” Lanez rapped.

Genius Lyrics noted at the time that claims that Lanez was only 5 feet 3 inches tall originated from a police report on the shooting incident involving Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion.

The police report allegedly recorded the rapper’s height as 5 feet 3 inches. People who saw the report leaked it online and others started mocking Lanez about it.

Lanez also addressed reports that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in Money Over Fallouts

Tory Lanez also used Money Over Fallouts to address allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot during an incident that occurred in July 2020.

She insisted that he did so, but hee denied the allegations.

Megan claimed they had an argument in a car and that the incident happened after she exited the vehicle and walked away.

Police arrested Lanez after the alleged incident and charged him with multiple offenses, including assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He pleaded not guilty to the charges during a hearing in November.

Lanez suffered backlash over Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting allegation

Tory Lanez suffered a backlash following Megan Thee Stallion’s claims that he shot her, with many rap fans claiming the alleged incident was an example of the alleged misogyny of hip-hop culture.

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