Tom Cruise flashes a big smile after flying himself in a helicopter

Tom Cruise teeth smile
Tom Cruise in London at the premiere of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Pic credit: ©

Tom Cruise flashes a friendly wave and smiles after flying himself on a helicopter in London.

After decades as a Hollywood blockbuster star, Cruise is enjoying his biggest success in years with the movie Top Gun: Maverick.

The 60-year-old starred in and produced the action film sequel, reprising his 1986 role in the original Top Gun as Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Top Gun: Maverick has grossed over $1.1 billion and became his highest-grossing film ever.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to flying himself as he was pictured last year learning to fly a World War II fighter jet in preparation for Mission: Impossible 8.

The actor’s last released role was in 2018 as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Tom Cruise wears a fitted T-shirt after landing helicopter

The Jack Reacher star defies age with his youthful appearance as he is pictured after landing a helicopter.

Tom Cruise biceps
Tom’s latest film released on the 27 May, has just taken over the Titanic as Paramount’s highest-grossing ever. Pic credit: Backgrid

Cruise wore a light blue fitted T-shirt showing off his muscular physique as he smiled with a full head of hair.

He also wore dark denim jeans and black boots as he carried two bags showing his bulging biceps as he headed toward a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

Tom Cruise helicopter
Tom smiles at the camera as he exits his flight and is pictured on the tarmac headed for a chauffeur-driven vehicle. Pic credit: Backgrid

“Every time you see him flying, that’s him in that jet.” said producer Jerry Bruckheimer to The Hollywood Reporter adding that he also performed the difficult stunts: “You can’t pull Tom Cruise back. He’s going to do what he’s going do.”

Tom Cruise flies James Corden in a fighter jet

Tom Cruise left James Corden terrified in a flight he will never forget after convincing the talk show host to join him in a fighter jet flight.

In May, Cruise appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote Top Gun: Maverick.

He picks up James for a trip to the desert where Tom pilots James in a vintage fighter plane for the afternoon.

Tom, who got his pilot’s license in 1994, is an expert in aerial maneuvers so Corden was in safe hands.

However, the British TV host was not convinced of his piloting abilities in the hilarious clip.

“You’re not a pilot, you’re an actor,” Corden said in the video, continuing: “With all due respect, you played a lawyer in A Few Good Men, I wouldn’t want you to represent me in court, OK? I’m going to go up in a 75-year-old plane with somebody who is not a pilot?”

However, after the flight, Tom informed him the two will fly again – this time in a modern warfare fighter jet.

Cruise put on some terrifying aerial maneuvers seen in the Youtube video above.

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