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‘Fat’ Tom Cruise pilots plane, resurfaces with puffy face after viral photos

Tom Cruise’s new look’ shocked fans as he appeared different from a few years ago. Pic

Tom Cruise resurfaces after viral photos of his puffy face at a baseball game.

Last weekend, the Top Gun greeted fans while attending the baseball event between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

He was accompanied by his only son Connor, whom he shares with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

On Wednesday, the actor was photographed having a refreshment after flying himself to Los Angeles before grabbing a leather jacket and darting off in a red motorcycle.

The legendary actor is a known stuntman. According to Metro, Cruise was recently photographed learning to fly a World War II fighter jet in preparation for Mission: Impossible 8.

The 58-year-old actor’s new appearance sparked debate about whether he had gained weight or had cosmetic surgery.

The debate about ‘fat’ Tom Cruise quickly turned into memes and conspiracies about his striking resemblance to late comedian Norm Macdonald on social media.

Some observers joked that Norm Macdonald has taken over the body of Cruise, while others speculated that he is preparing for a role to play the SNL comedian.

Tom Cruise plastic surgery rumors

Due to his youthful appearance, Tom Cruise has been subject to rumors of plastic surgery. At 58 years of age, the actor has a full head of hair and a relatively wrinkle-free face.

However, the superstar actor has remained in good shape throughout his career, which may aid in his age-defying appearance.

He has maintained a ripped physique since beginning his acting career in the 1980s.

On social media, a Twitter user compared a photo of Cruise from a few years ago to the present day, tweeting: “What the hell happened to Tom Cruise? ” before speculating about filler, adding: What is up with all that filler in his face?

Another Twitter user believes the Mission Impossible actor had a botched round of Botox and filler in reaction to a photo comparing him to Norm Macdonald.

“OMG!! Is that Tom Cruise? Who put too much filler and Botox in his face? Fire them!!!!”

Cosmetic experts have also given an opinion on Tom’s new look.

“Tom definitely looks swollen and puffy, which could be due to filler, post-procedure swelling, or weight gain,” Dr. Alice Henshaw told The Sun, adding.

“I believe he’s had fillers under his eyes and around his mouth and nose in the past, but this time is different.”

Henshaw speculated that the 58-year-old actor might have had a neck left due to swelling in the area that would not result from filler.

Tom Cruise has not responded to speculation about his appearance.

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  1. It looks to me like Tom Cruise may be taking prednisone. He may be battling some health problem. Prednisone usually makes the user’s face swell up like Tom’s is. If that’s the case, once he stops the medication, he’ll go back to normal.

  2. Who gives a rat’s ass about Tom Cruise, if he wants a puffy face let him have a puffy face. If he’s having health problems let him have health problems. He’s whacked out in the head celebrity like all of Hollywood is.

  3. What is the big deal. The guy was having a nice time with his son and people are going crazy about his face. Perfect testament to today’s screwed up society. The pictures in Twitter that compares two pictures are irrelevant. One is from a long time ago and the other is now. News flash. We all get old!.

  4. Who the hell cares. He’s just another celebrity playing make believe for a living. What he looks like, says or how he acts doesn’t really matter to anyone with an IQ above a house plant

  5. Please- leave “Tom Cruise” alone he has agreed very well and he could be preparing for a role he’s still a handsome man he is Timeless 😉


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