Today’s Dylan Dreyer missing from show’s lineup without warning

dylan dreyer during nbc today program
NBC’s Dylan Dreyer was inexplicably absent from Thursday’s Today program, Third Hour. Pic credit: NBC

Dylan Dreyer was mysteriously absent from Thursday’s installment of Today after appearing on the show earlier in the week.

The NBC personality and anchor was present with her co-hosts in the studio on Monday and Wednesday.

For Tuesday’s edition, Dreyer was on assignment covering a segment about Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Dreyer hosted the event last year as she filled in for Al Roker as he was absent from the event for the first time in nearly 30 years.

However, Roker is back on track with his health and will return for this year’s parade in New York City.

Meanwhile, Dreyer is involved in other projects that could be part of her absence from Today.

Dreyer is inexplicably missing from Today’s lineup

As Today’s Third Hour arrived on Thursday, November 16, viewers saw Dreyer missing from the show with no previous indication she’d be away.

At the program’s start, Sheinelle Jones introduced the show and her co-hosts, Roker and Craig Melvin. Dreyer’s colleagues didn’t mention a reason for her absence.

She last appeared in-studio for Wednesday’s show, following her on-location assignment at the Macy’s Parade Studio in New Jersey on Tuesday, November 14.

In the studio for Tuesday’s Third Hour, Melvin and Roker were joined by Vicky Nguyen.

“Sheinelle is off, and Dylan is taking part in that annual tradition,” Melvin told viewers as they revealed Nguyen would be there for the hour.

During that Tuesday, November 14 show, Roker introduced Dreyer’s segment as she presented viewers with an exclusive look at the new Thanksgiving Day Parade floats.

“Hey guys, it’s the best time of year,” Dreyer said to her Today colleagues, adding, “I think we’re all a little shocked, though, that Thanksgiving is next week.”

Some of the floats that Dreyer showed viewers included themes based on Willy Wonka, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a custom gingerbread house float from Brach’s Candy.

Her last post to Instagram also promoted the Thanksgiving Day Parade, including her posing with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that will appear on the float.

Dreyer is involved in another project with her son

While the reason for Dreyer’s absence from Thursday’s Today is unknown, she may be spending time with family or preparing for the upcoming holiday.

Earlier this year, Dreyer opened up about her son Calvin’s celiac disease diagnosis. She said she’d been dealing with the diagnosis for several months now and “felt it was time to tell the story.”

Calvin, nicknamed Cal, also appeared in the segment on the Today program, which was shared on YouTube (below).

Last month, Dreyer showed IG followers a well-received gluten-free dish she and her son cooked up.

“Future #cookingwithcal recipe coming soon! But my secret so far is a mix of gluten free bakery bought loaf of bread, @simplekneads_gf sourdough bread, and @canyonglutenfree honey white bread…left out for 2 days then lightly toasted. More to come!” she wrote in her IG caption.

Dreyer’s “More to come!” remark had more than a few commenters ready to see more of these recipes from the NBC Today star.

“I hope you’re documenting all of your recipes to put out a cookbook! There are a lot of people that could benefit,” said part of a comment.

“Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!” another commenter said.

“Yes!!! Share the recipes!!!” a commenter wrote.

commenters react to dylan dreyer gluten free recipe
Pic credit: @dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Dreyer has a link in her Instagram bio for one of her Cooking With Cal recipes on ToToday’sebsite called Dylan Dreyer’s Apples and Pumpkin Dip.

She called the creation ideal for dipping graham crackers and apples or using it as a healthy spread on pancakes and waffles.

Viewers hope to see more of Dreyer’s recipes pop up in the future and the popular NBC personality to return to Today soon.

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