Tim Malcolm takes aim at Dean Hashim for continuing transgender rumors — Dean apologizes

Tim Malcolm and Dean Hashim from 90 Day Fiance
Tim hit back at Dean after Tarik’s brother continued suggesting Tim is transgender. Pic credit: TLC

Dean Hashim has jokes, and many of them target 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Tim Malcolm. He’s been making comments about the transgender rumors that continue to circulate, even bringing it up again on Pillow Talk and in a recent interview too.

Tim heard what Dean and Tarik had to say about him on Pillow Talk, and he wasn’t happy that others affiliated with 90 Day Fiance were also talking about his manhood. He took to Instagram to call Dean out for what he said.

“Now even the cast with this s**t. Always remember…,” Tim wrote in the caption of a screenshot. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots. Spit venom in interviews, speakin’ on reunions Move units, then talk s**t and we can do this Until then, I ain’t even speakin’ your name Just keep my name outta your mouth And we can keep it the same dean”

It didn’t take long for Dean to respond. And while he denied being a bully and said it was all in good fun, Dean also was quick to offer up an apology too.

“YOOOOOOO this is Dean!!! And I want to set the record straight,” Dean wrote in response. “Tim..I DM’d you AND tried calling you and you didn’t answer either one,SO I’LL SAY IT HERE! First of all I’m a freakin comedian and I crack on everybody and everything..its all in light heated fun..I can take a joke as well as I can dish them out!”

“Believe you me I had no malice in my heart when joking on you you bro! People joke on me all the time and I lmaoooo. Furthermore i want to put out there that I love EVERYBODY!!! Trans,Straight,Gay,Black,White,Bi..IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!” Dean continued. “That’s why it’s so easy for me to crack on everything!!! Even myself sometimes.”

Then, Dean tried to explain why his jokes about Tim being transgender don’t make him transphobic.

“When I spent my time in the Marines I fought FOR EVERYONE in this country..NOT JUST STRAIGHT PEOPLE!,” Dean wrote. “ALSO I was the very first in the franchise to proudly speak on my sister in law being bi sexual before it was ANYWHERE in the show. So I’m definitely not phobic on NOTHING! Now with all that being said I’m still not a bully as a matter of fact I despise them so, if in any way I hurt you or offended you..I will be the first to say to you man to man…and in front of the world… dude I Apologize. Much love and success, Dean.”

While Dean did say he was sorry if his comments upset Tim, it’s still not clear if Tim he will forgive him. What is clear is that not everyone appreciates Dean’s brand of humor.

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