TikTok’s Poloboy has a baby, asks fans not to ‘bash’ child or mom Arielle Rodriguez

Poloboy performs on TikTok
Poloboy has opened up about the controversy surrounding his fatherhood. Pic credit: @Poloboy

TikTok celebrity Poloboy has asked his fans not to “bash” either his ex-partner, Arielle Rodriguez, or the child he fathered with her. He has also asked for a “crumb of privacy.”

Many fans were surprised to learn that Marco Borghi, aka Poloboy, sometimes written as Polo Boy, has become a father. And he has since faced accusations in the comments of his TikTok channel that he is an absent dad.

This news reportedly came to light when ex-girlfriend Rodriguez posted a now-deleted video to Instagram on Mother’s Day that detailed her pregnancy and featured screenshots of various messages that appeared to be discussing abortion.

Poloboy has since confirmed he is the father of the baby through posting a video which was captioned: “Ahhh now you know. Please don’t bash her or the baby. I ask for a crumb of privacy please.”

He was then barraged by a plethora of criticisms in the comments section and was accused of being an absent father. Poloboy responded by writing in the comments: “Y’all are reading too deeply into the “the baby.” Yes, I know he’s mine. The caption meant don’t send hate their way.”

He further responded to criticism by writing in the comments: “It’s also very complicated/personal and can’t be watered down to ‘go take care of your kid.’ Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.”


Ahhh now you know. Please don’t bash her or the baby. I ask for a crumb of privacy please ???

♬ Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

Poloboy joked about controversy with TikTok video

Poloboy then posted a second video where he joked about the situation. While lip-synching, he posted up supposed lyrics which read: “Father’s Day is coming up, now is y’alls chance to become stepmoms.”


Fine these were a little funny??‍♂️

♬ stop using this for bad takes bozos – ale

Arielle Rodriguez says Poloboy apologized for his behavior

Rodriguez has since posted a screenshot to her Instagram story that appears to show Poloboy apologizing for his behavior and stating that he wants to be involved in their child’s upbringing.

According to Rodriguez, he wrote: “I want to be a good dad and be on good terms with you so we can raise our child to be the best it can be. I am excited to see it for the first time and hold it in my arms.”

Screenshot of texts from Poloboy
Pic credit: @tooturnttortilla/Instagram

Rodriguez and Poloboy began dating way back in 2017, but they broke up in 2020.

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