Amador ‘exposes’ Paeka following Gero TikTok cheating drama

Amador Paeka
Amador released a YouTube video detailing his relationship with TikTok star Paeka. Pic credit: WtfAmador/YouTube

TikTok star Amador took to YouTube to respond to the cheating drama between Paeka Campos and her former boyfriend Gero.

Amador claims in the exposé video that Paeka left a rose quartz — known as the ‘stone of universal love — in his car, among other shocking details.

Amador previously posted a dance video with Paeka on TikTok. After he took it down, it was re-uploaded after Paeka and Gero both accused each other of cheating.

Amador also posted a similar dance video with another woman, but viewers noticed the dancing was less intimate.

In his comment section, one user asked: “How come you didn’t grab her like you did Miss Paeka.” To this, Amador replied: “Cuz Ms. P wanted me to grab her like that.”

TikTok user teaspillerxd8 reuploaded the video with a screenshot of the comments.

Paeka then denied asking Amador to hold her, commenting: “Lmao um?? False.”

This led Amador to make a response video calling out TikTok star Paeka Campos for what he described as “lies”. Here is what he revealed about the TikTok relationship drama.

Amador responds with a YouTube video

In a YouTube video titled ‘The lies must be stopped,’ Amador responds to Paeka, adding several screenshots and videos of their time together.

In the video, Amador claimed that their relationship started after he defended a video of the TikTok star wearing braids. In his YouTube account, Wtfamador, he releases screenshots of the two messaging each other, flirting, and making plans to meet up.

He says Paeka flew out to meet him and the pair rented an Airbnb. In the video, he claims that she wanted to make Gero jealous with their dance videos on TikTok. Amador claims that they had sex at the Airbnb they shared following the flirty dance video that drew attention from the TikTok community.

Amador says that she asked him to delete one of his posts and a repost he shared of the two with a heart emoji. He says that the TikTok star was upset over his social media activity and she didn’t want to get into another relationship following her split with Gero.

According to the video, he asked what her intentions were and says Paeka told him that she wasn’t interested in a relationship but wanted to keep talking to him. He says they slept in separate beds but he woke up and she was next to him.

Amador claims that she unfollowed him after they seemingly made up and spent time together in Santa Monica. They then argued back and forth on social media. Notably, Amador asked her why she left a rose quartz stone in his car in a text exchange, but she did not respond.

Amador says she may have stopped talking to him due to his reputation or lack of popularity on TikTok.

Paeka appears to have moved on with TikTok star Gabenotbade as the two have been sharing flirty videos with each other, seemingly confirming the new relationship.

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