TikTok video said to show Sasha Obama goes viral: Clip shows young woman lip-syncing to Moneybagg Yo and City Girls’ rap tune

Sasha Obama and Malia
Sasha Obama and big sister Malia back in 2016. Pic credit: ©

A TikTok video purporting to show Sasha Obama’s lip-syncing to a rap tune with a group of friends has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

The TikTok video shows a young woman that many social media users believe to be President Obama’s younger daughter, Sasha, dancing and lip-syncing to Moneybagg Yo’s Said Sum remix (feat. the City Girls).

The video, which was reportedly originally posted on the TikTok account @cakethatsmg, went viral on TikTok, but it was later taken down.

However, copies of the video have appeared on other social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Reactions on Twitter

Multiple videos showing the young woman — believed to be Sasha — lip-syncing and dancing with her friends also surfaced on Twitter.

Many Twitter users posted admiring comments, saying that the TikToker looks gorgeous. She was also widely praised for her dance moves.

Some Twitter users wondered why the original TikTok videos were taken down.

“I thought I was tripping when I saw Sasha Obama in these but it’s definitely her, idk why they deleted them they weren’t that bad,” one Twitter user wrote.

Some suggested that the videos were taken down because Sasha’s parents disapproved.

“Barrack said TAKE THAT S**t DOWN!!!” one person tweeted jokingly. “I don’t play that ‘kids being kids b**ls**t… As a mother of a 21-year-old… I tell my own child to take that s**t OFF social media. Period!!! I don’t play that.”

Sasha Obama prom photo went viral in 2019

The latest incident comes after a photo showing Sasha Obama posing with her Sidwell Friends School prom date when viral back in 2019.

The photo showed Sasha looking beautiful in a black spaghetti strap dress.

After the photo surfaced online, people started searching for the identity of her date. Internet sleuths quickly identified the handsome young man in a tuxedo as Chris Milton.

Sleuths found out that Chris is from Middletown, Ohio.

Chris’s brother, Travis, also took to Facebook to give a shout out to Sasha and his brother.

“CONGRATS to Chris and Sasha Obama 2019 Sidwell Prom,” he wrote. “Hanging out with the First Family….. PRICELESS!!”

Sasha (Natasha Obama) is former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s daughter. She is Malia’s little sister.

Sasha, 19, is currently attending the University of Michigan after graduating from the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, Maryland.

People reported back in September that Sasha is attending classes remotely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Her older sister, Malia, 22, is also attending Harvard University, and she is in her fourth year.

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