Who is Chris Milton? Sasha Obama’s Prom Date takes photos with the Obama family

Chris Milton Obama boyfriend
Chris Milton takes Sasha Obama on a prom date as they are set to graduate high school. Pic credit: Travis Milton/Facebook.

Sasha Obama, the daughter of the former President Barack Obama, attended her high school prom on Friday and her date has been identified as Chris Milton.

Sasha is photographed arm-in-arm with her tuxedo-clad boyfriend Chris Milton, who appeared in photographs with Malia Obama. Former First Lady and bestselling author Michelle Obama attended the event to take pre-prom photos with the Milton family and friends.

Who is Chris Milton?

Chris Milton attends Sidwell Friends High School with Sasha — a highly selective Quaker school in Washington, D.C. However, it appears that Chris comes from Middletown, Ohio.

His brother Travis took to Facebook to congratulate his younger brother on going to prom with Sasha. “CONGRATS to Chris and Sasha Obama 2019 Sidwell Prom. Hanging out with the First Family….. PRICELESS!!”

Twitter was equally impressed by Chris scoring a date with the former President’s daughter.

Sasha Obama, 17, wore an elegant black dress to prom. It was reported that she plans on attending the University of Michigan for college. However, it is unclear whether she will follow her older sister’s footsteps and opt for a gap year before heading off to further her education.

Sasha, Malia, and their grandmother were recently photographed in a Mother’s Day Instagram post by Michelle Obama. Malia Obama was linked to British Harvard undergraduate Rory Farquharson last year.

While there are many hilarious tweets on Twitter about how Chris Milton may react to Secret Service, federal law authorizes protection on former U.S Presidents children until the age of 16. Therefore, Chris Milton need not work up a sweat about secret service as Sasha is 17 and is turning 18 on June 10 next month.

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