There is royal ‘unease’ as King Charles extends his hospital stay

King Charles at The Prince's Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards held at the Odeon Leicester Square, London
King Charles has extended his hospital stay causing “unease” in the royal circle. Pic credit: ©

In unsettling news, King Charles was not released from the hospital over the weekend as planned.

It was announced almost two weeks ago that King Charles has an enlarged prostate and would need to be hospitalized at least overnight after the operation.

The news broke the same day that everyone learned that Kate Middleton was in the hospital because of abdominal surgery.

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Buckingham Palace released the news about King Charles out of concern for the public, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

They wanted to ease fears ahead of them canceling royal duties for King Charles since Kate’s tasks were also rescheduled.

After Queen Camilla visited with King Charles, she told the press that he was “doing well” after his procedure. It is concerning that he is still in the hospital after the weekend.

King Charles has extended his hospital stay after his prostate procedure

The King allowed his aides at Buckingham Palace to release the details of his prostate procedure to raise awareness of the condition.

The Palace released this statement, “His Majesty would like to thank all those who have sent their good wishes and is delighted to learn that his diagnosis is having a positive impact on awareness.”

The Sun reports a spokesperson saying that while it was expected for King Charles to stay in the hospital for two nights, “the extra stay is entirely precautionary but has nevertheless reportedly caused some unease.”

The extended stay may mean more recovery time for King Charles and more of his royal duties being canceled. Anytime an aging monarch has medical issues, unease is to be expected. The same source speculated, “It’s now expected Charles will have to avoid public jobs for at least a month on medical advice.”

King Charles just celebrated his 75th birthday, and any surgery at his advanced age is an excellent reason to take extra precautions.

Queen Camilla visited King Charles several times

King Charles decided to have his procedure at the same London Clinic where Kate Middleton had her abdominal surgery. This enabled him to visit Kate ahead of his procedure.

As reported by People, Queen Camilla visited her husband three times within 24 hours.

The King and Queen have been married since 2005 and have a loving, close relationship. It is endearing for fans to see how cemented their bond is with each other.

The Daily Mail reported that Camilla was smiling and joking when visiting Charles over the weekend.

Kate Middleton was visited by her husband, William, often as well. Hello also reported that he saw her every day last week.

Now that Kate is home from the hospital, hopefully, the news that King Charles will be headed home is forthcoming.

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