Here’s why King Charles chose the same hospital as Kate Middleton

King Charles at Kings Place in London.
King Charles chose the same hospital as Kate Middleton for a specific reason. Pic credit: ©

King Charles is hospitalized after an operation on his prostate and has been said to be doing well, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

The King made a point to release information about his enlarged prostate to encourage others to get theirs checked to avoid complications like cancer that can arise if untreated.

King Charles chose one specific hospital for his stay: the London Clinic, the UK’s largest independent private hospital in the London medical district.

As King, he would have his choice of any hospital in the world if he so chose, but he wanted this one for a good reason.

Last week, the world learned that Kate Middleton, his daughter-in-law, was in the London Clinic after abdominal surgery.

She is still hospitalized there, recovering from that surgery, and that is a big reason why King Charles chose this very hospital.

Frugal King Charles wanted to save money on security

King Charles has long been known for his conservation efforts and frugality. The Guardian has detailed his frugal ways amid our throwaway society. He tries to save money when he can.

The Express reports an insider saying, “With the Princess similarly at the Clinic, shared resourcing has been possible regarding public policing.”

Since Kate is in the same hospital, the security details can be shared to save the taxpayers money.

John Moore, Managing Director of Westminster Security, said, “The Met Police could be saving as much as £20,000 over the weekend with King Charles and Princess Kate colocating at the same private hospital by sharing security resources.”

King Charles was able to visit Kate before his procedure because of his actions of choosing the same facility.

Where are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during all this?

There have been no reports of Prince Harry or his wife, Meghan Markle, visiting his father or Kate in London during their health crises.

Both Charles and Kate were named as the royals who allegedly disparaged the race of Meghan’s then-unborn baby in Omid Scobie’s book, Endgame.

This has continued the rift between Harry and his family, but reports from an insider to The Mirror say that “The King and the Princess of Wales have received support from Prince Harry and Meghan regarding their health. The Duke and Duchess contacted both parties in different ways to pass on their concern and best wishes.”

This month, Harry accepted an award in Beverly Hills, and then The Mirror reported that the couple flew to Jamaica for a movie premiere instead of heading to London.

Meanwhile, everyone continues to wish King Charles and Kate Middleton a speedy recovery from their surgeries.

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