The Travis Scott burger at McDonald’s: What’s in it, details about the toy, and can you get those shirts?

Travis Scott Cactus Jack
Rapper Travis Scott has a new Cactus Jack meal at McDonald’s. Pic credit: McDonald’s via The Musical Hippie/YouTube

Rapper Travis Scott has a new “Cactus Jack” meal at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s added the Travis Scott Cactus Jack meal to its menu on Tuesday, Sept. 8, named after Scott’s music label.

The rap star took to Twitter on Sept. 3 to announce his partnership with McDonald’s.

Cactus Jack will be available on McDonald’s menu until Oct. 4.

Travis Scott-McDonald’s partnership is targeted at Millenials and Gen Z

Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, told Business Insider the fast-food chain targeted its latest promotional effort at Millenials and Gen Z.

Flatley said these consumers are “becoming more and more challenging for brands to reach.”

Flatley said Scott was the chain’s choice to reach out to Gen Z and Millenial consumers because of “his ability to kind of see where culture is going.”

“Then you couple that with his huge followership and his fans, social-media footprint, and … 3 billion streams. He just has an incredible audience.”

McDonald’s partnership with Scott is the first of its kind since working with Michael Jordan in 1992.

Travis Scott on Twitter
Pic credit:

Travis Scott burger at McDonald’s: What’s in it?

The Travis Scott burger is a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, three pieces of bacon, and crisp lettuce. The meal also comes with medium fries, a side of barbeque sauce, and a medium Sprite.

Will there be Travis Scott merchandise?

McDonald’s revealed in a recent press release that the fast-food chain’s employees would wear custom Cactus Jack hats and t-shirts during the promotion.

The press release did not say if customers could also get the Cactus Jack t-shirts and hats, but USA Today reports there might be new Travis Scott merch as part of the monthlong promotion.

Cactus Jack
Pic credit: @snkr_twitr/Twitter

What about the toy?

There was also a Travis Scott toy or action figure in the commercials as part of the promotion. It appears this was just for the ads and, so far, no toy or other merch has been revealed, according to XXL.

Reactions on social media

Social media users have been sharing hilarious jokes about the ongoing Cactus Jack meal collaboration between McDonald’s and Travis Scott.


McDonald's Cactus Jack meal
Pic credit: @CRY1NGWOLF/Twitter

People have also been commenting on the collaboration. While some Travis fans were delighted, some have been roasting McDonald’s for collaborating with Scott.

Some critics are wondering why McDonald’s — a family-friendly franchise — would team up with a rapper best known for his explicit lyrics.

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