The Crown cast upset over scene with Princess Diana in an open casket

Elizabeth Debicki attends Women in Film annual gala
The Crown drew criticism after it was revealed that next season will see actress Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in an open casket. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The Crown has reportedly received pushback from its own crew members for its controversial re-enactment of Princess Diana’s passing. It was reported on Tuesday that the crew members were “disgusted” that the show’s upcoming sixth season will see actress Elizabeth Debicki portraying Princess Diana in an open casket.

The Crown Season 6 is currently in production and is expected to release sometime in 2023. However, crew members have seen the script for the upcoming season and are allegedly not happy with it.

Season 6 will cover the passing of Princess Diana in a way that some feel is insensitive. In particular, the crew was appalled that the show actually made Debicki climb into a casket to portray the late Princess.

Debicki will reportedly lay dead in a casket for viewers to see as a priest administers last rites. However, the Princess’ casket scene isn’t the only distressing scene that is set to take place.

The season will allegedly feature a gory scene depicting Princess Diana’s car crash and blood-soaked medics working on her. Meanwhile, Prince William’s and Prince Harry’s reactions to their mother’s passing will also be re-enacted.

Onlookers revealed that the season will depict the young Princes following their mother’s casket at her funeral.

The Crown crew concerned over depictions of Princess Diana’s death

Crew members and onlookers spoke to The Sun about their concerns and disgust with The Crown’s portrayal of Princess Diana’s death. They accused the show of going “over the top” as a means to get ratings.

Some expressed hope that the scenes will be axed and banned from broadcasting for their graphic nature. Others expressed concern that Prince Harry and Prince William could be re-traumatized by such an insensitive depiction of their mother’s passing.

The crew also alleged that the cast members were also “visibly upset” by having to film the distressing scenes. One crew member described a particularly graphic scene, stating, “They hired real surgeons for the scenes. Nurses are also seen around the lifeless body. There is blood everywhere — on the surgeons’ gowns and gloves, and on the door.”

Given that the Princes were shielded from certain scenes and images at the time of the event, one crew member stated that they should be protected from seeing such sights broadcasted on TV now.

King Charles, then Prince Charles, will also be depicted in hysterics following the Princess’ death.

In response to the crew’s concerns, Netflix told The Sun only that the scenes were being handled with, “the utmost respect and care.”

What happened to Princess Diana?

The Crown first premiered in 2016 and, with each season, has been chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The show encompasses her life from the 1940s to the present day.

Season 6 will stretch into the 1990s, when Queen Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law, Diana, tragically died in a car accident. Diana was of noble descent and married Queen Elizabeth’s oldest son, Prince Charles, in 1981.

The pair had two sons, William and Harry, but their relationship was quite a turbulent one. The two struggled with their 12-year age difference and incompatibility, and allegedly both partook in extramarital affairs.

After being advised by the Queen to divorce, both Princess Diana and Prince Charles agreed to end their marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 1996.

Sadly, on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana, her partner at the time, Dodi Fayed, and her driver, Henri Paul, were all killed in a car crash in Paris after the driver tried to evade the paparazzi. Her death sparked international attention given its sudden, shocking nature and the fact that she had been such a beloved and popular member of the royal family.

Even over two decades after her passing, she has remained one of the most popular members of the royal family in history due to her charisma, charitable work, and fashion statements.

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