The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 5 could bring unique team format and theme

the challenge host tj lavin face shot from mtv season
TJ Lavin will host The Challenge: All Stars 5 spin-off featuring a unique cast. Pic credit: MTV

While a theme for The Challenge: All Stars 5 has not arrived online, some fans have started to piece together the possibilities.

Spoilers began to emerge within the past few weeks, revealing an intriguing cast featuring MTV OGs and some non-MTV stars.

The Paramount+ spin-off had typically featured only stars who appeared on MTV shows Fresh Meat, Road Rules, and The Real World, with Kam Williams becoming the first former Are You The One? cast member on Season 4.

However, spoilers for Season 5 showed a handful of cast members from CBS’ Big Brother and other reality TV shows joining the All Stars spin-off.

While many fans weren’t pleased with that cast format change, the potential theme and team setup could interest viewers.

This report may contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 5 on Paramount+.

The Challenge: All Stars 5 could feature a unique team setup

The Challenge: All Stars 5 cast shows more women than men, as of this writing. Could that be a hint of the theme?

More than a few fans and superfan accounts speculate that the spin-off will feature trios for the team setup, and the format could be a triangle of rival players.

For example, the cast includes former The Real World: San Diego castmates Ashley Kelsey, Sam McGinn, and Frank Sweeney, who also teamed up and won Battle of the Seasons. However, they had their issues, resulting in a rivalry.

Another team could feature Shane Landrum, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Ashley Mitchell. While Shane and Ashley were part of an alliance that season, former Big Brother star Da’Vonne had various arguments with both castmates.

Yet another example comes from Season 39 – aka Battle For a New Champion. Viewers saw Corey Lay admit he’d been playing his friends Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Melissa Reeves. The situation was messy, as the drama spilled online, and things continued at the Season 39 reunion.

What other teams could be part of this theme?

Another potential team for the three-person rivals theme could be Aneesa Ferreira, Amber Borzotra, and Fessy Shafaat. Fessy was disrespectful to both cast members during their Double Agents season.

Nicole Zanatta and Sylvia Elsrode had issues during Invasion of the Champions. Due to something potentially going down on All Stars 4 with Nicole, Adam Larson could be part of their team. As of this writing, no arguments or issues have been shown between them through All Stars 4, Episode 9.

Other cast members revealed via the All Stars 5 spoilers included Devin Walker, Nany Gonzalez, Steve Meinke, Katie Cooley, KellyAnne Judd, Beth Stolarczyk, and Jonna Mannion.

Ahead of this potential theme, there has yet to be a theme on any All Stars season. All Stars 3 might be the closest to one, as the promotions indicated the cast only featured former champions and finalists.

None of the seasons have featured three-player teams for an entire season. However, teams of varying numbers of players have competed in the daily challenges.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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