The Challenge alum Georgia Harrison making reality TV comeback after Stephen Bear scandal

georgia harrison face shot from the challenge war of the worlds 2 confessional
Georgia Harrison last appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season in 2019. Pic credit: MTV

Former The Challenge competitor Georgia Harrison is making her return to reality television in the aftermath of the traumatic Stephen Bear scandal.

Georgia, 29, will appear among the contestants for Love Island: All Stars, which debuts on January 15 in the United Kingdom and could land on Hulu in the United States.

Her return arrives four years after her second appearance on MTV’s The Challenge for War of the Worlds 2, the follow-up season to her debut, War of the Worlds.

Both seasons featured her emotional up-and-down showmance storyline with Bear as they navigated the game’s intricacies.

Several years ago, Georgia became the victim of revenge porn when Bear profited from the sale of a video of him and Georgia having sex. That video was recorded while Georgia was on Bear’s property and sold without her knowledge or consent.

It resulted in charges against Bear, an arrest, and a trial, which landed him a 21-month prison sentence in the UK. However, he recently shared he is getting an early release after serving just 11 months.

That release will come two days after Georgia officially returns to reality TV with Love Island: All Stars, where she intends to find love and win the show.

Georgia talks about her reality TV comeback with Love Island: All Stars

According to Daily Mail, Georgia has been working hard to regain her trust in men and self-worth following the Bear scandal. She says she’s embracing her comeback with Love Island: All Stars and, this time, is looking to win the show.

“I really feel like I have lost a part of myself over the past couple of years,” Georgia said, per Daily Mail

“I am funny, I am silly, there are so many parts of my personality that aren’t getting shown because I am talking about a tough and negative subject,” she said.

“I am happy to do it because I want to be a voice for women but at the end of the day this is the last year of my 20s and I deserve after all this time to just go in there and have some fun, banter and really just be young and me again,” Georgia shared.

She also said this would be her “comeback and the end of what has been such a long journey.”

“Even during the years when things were tough I just had this inner knowing in myself that the universe was going to pick me up at some point and put me in a space where everything I ever wanted would manifest… and I think I’m on the cusp of that,” she shared.

Georgia said she’s been ‘so unlucky in love’ but is ready to find the ‘right man’ on Love Island

This won’t be Georgia’s first time competing on a Love Island show. Before her Challenge debut, she appeared on Love Island UK 3 in 2017. Her castmates included future Challenge finalist Theo Campbell and Double Agents competitor Gabby Allen.

In a video clip featuring Georgia for the All Stars season, she talks about being “so unlucky” in love.

“I’ve had yogurt in the fridge longer than I’ve had relationships and it’s actually quite pathetic,” she quipped.

“I was a completely different person then,” she said of her Season 3 appearance, adding, “I’ve been through a lot and I think that’s made me so much more compassionate. But it also means that I won’t take any s***.”

In her hiatus from reality TV, Georgia made the ITV documentary Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear. She has also reportedly campaigned to update the outdated laws to reflect the current times better.

She’s now ready to find the “right man” after past “mistakes” and feels Love Island: All Stars is the perfect place to discover that missing piece of her life.

“I’ve had so much time to heal and process everything that I went through and then extra time to find out what I really want in life and to rebuild myself,” Georgia shared with Daily Mail.

“I am planning to win… I want to go in there and meet the love of my life. If I don’t, if I go home on day three, it doesn’t matter, I have nothing to lose,” she said.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. Love Island All Stars premieres Monday, January 15, on the UK’s free-to-air channel ITV2.

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