The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart opens up about alcohol addiction

Drew Taggart
Drew Taggart is getting real about alcohol addiction. Pic credit: @drewtaggart/Instagram

The Chainsmokers‘ singer Drew Taggart is getting real with his fans in regard to the band’s latest single.

His struggle with alcohol addiction is the focus of their new single with bludnymph, Self Destruction Mode.

However, he made sure to clarify that the new single is “not a cry for help.”

He opened up on Instagram, writing, “I’ve struggled with drinking throughout my career as it’s an addiction that’s woven into the environment we exist in.”

“This guilt of not being good enough or not being better ironically sends me into a spiral that restarts my bad habit cycle,” he continued.

“This song isn’t a cry for help but more of an embrace or celebration of all that I am. I know that [I’m] flawed. I know that I am great and so are you. Never forget it.”

His post was met with support in the form of thousands of likes and comments from his fans, who all seemed proud of the singer for speaking out.

Fans come forward to support Drew Taggart

The comments of his post quickly filled up with support from his fans, with top comments earning lots of likes from other users, as well.

“Drew please nobody here is perfect, so thank you for being real. I hope you are doing the best you can,” wrote one top comment, while another echoed the sentiment and sent “much love.”

Another user personally related to the post, writing, “Recovering alcoholic here. Been sober for 11 years and seen y’all probably 12 times. If no one’s told you they love you today, I love you dude.”

Yet another user explained that we have to “embrace our sins and regrets” and that we have to “live with them and let them [make] us something better than our past.”

Comments on Instagram
Comments supporting Drew Taggart. Pic credit: @thechainsmokers/Instagram

Coming forward with addiction is never easy, but it’s clear that Drew has a ton of support from his fanbase.

Drew Taggart has a history of partying hard

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to be spotted out and about and partying, and Drew is one who made headlines in 2021 for his actions.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be doing anything too detrimental — at least not to the public eye.

As Page Six previously reported, he was enjoying himself quite a bit at The Palace and flirting with a lot of women while there, reportedly even taking at least one of them home with him.

Whether it was the alcohol or if he’s really just a ladies’ man is undetermined, but we do hope the best for Drew as he works through his addiction and hopefully heads toward recovery.

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