Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee hits back at claims she abandoned dog to go on vacation

mackenzie mckee dog abuse
Mackenzie McKee is facing accusations that she abandoned her dog. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has hit out over accusations she abandoned her dog while going on vacation with her husband, Josh.

Mackenzie told on Facebook how her neighbor reportedly called Animal Control to take their great dane, Hank Williams, away, before officials rang her saying she owed them $80.

The post by Mackenzie McKee on Facebook
The post by Mackenzie McKee about Animal Control taking her dog. Pic credit: Mackenzie McKee/Facebook

In the comments, someone who appeared to be her neighbor then claimed they had listened to the “poor dog cry for 5 days” in a “tiny little pen”. They added, “There is no dog house, there is only muddy ground. His food was soaked. We didn’t know if anyone would be back. Our concern was for the dog.

“He is an awesome dog and if you want help finding him a home I have a friend that can help. there are great Dane rescues that would love to have him.”

Two photos were also shared showing the dog and the pen that he was left in.

mackenzie mckee dog abuse
One of the photos showing Hank Williams in the pen. Pic credit: Mackenzie McKee/Facebook
mackenzie mckee dog abuse

Another photo showing faeces on the ground next to the great dane. Pic credit: Mackenzie McKee/FacebookHowever, Mackenzie has now denounced the accusations as “lies”. On Twitter, the former Teen Mom 3 star defended herself, releasing a series of tweets where she claims that her parents were looking after the dog, and had been visiting it to clean out the cage. She also explains that the dog was let out several times a day.

In her tweets, Mackenzie also claims that she did everything to try and get him housed elsewhere before they left for their trip, and says she does not support animal abuse.

The drama comes just two weeks after Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason shot and killed her dog Nugget after it nipped at their daughter Ensley’s face. David is also being accused of abusing the animal prior to shooting it. This case is currently under investigation.

Teen Mom 3 was canceled in 2013.

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