Teairra Mari takes aim at 50 Cent again as Instagram feud heats up

50 Cent t at the STARZ Television Network Season 5 premiere of "Power" in New York City, Teairra Mari on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
50 Cent and Teairra Mari have been trading jabs on social media. Pic credit: © and VH1

The social media feud between Teairra Mari and 50 Cent is still raging as the two continue bickering about money the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star was ordered to pay the rapper after losing a court battle.

The latest update has Teairra Mari clapping back at the rapper after yet another Instagram post about owing him money, this time she’s taking offense to him calling her a “lil b***h.”

50 Cent posted first

In the latest round of Instagram slams, it was 50 Cent who took the first punch. He posted side-by-side photos of Teairra Mari and himself with the caption, “Hey lil b***h, get me my money! F**k you, and Emanuel Gonzalez.”

In case you’re wondering who Emanuel Gonzalez is, he’s the NYPD officer accused of issuing an order to shoot 50 Cent on sight.

Teairra Mari claps back

Just hours later, Teairra Mari returned fire, teasing 50 Cent that she was going to pay him but now she “ain’t got it,” a line she’s been using in response to the In Da Club rapper’s requests for payment.

On a picture of 50 Cent dressed up as a police officer, Teairra wrote, “Curtisssss!!!! Cut the s**t, u are the Police & thirsty 4 attention…peddling that cheap ass moonshine. See, I was just about to Pay ur rat a** too…. Now, #Iaintgotit #youaintgettinit SN: Keep calling me a bitch & Imma put a finger in ur booty……again!It’s Ms. B***h”

Previously, Teairra responded to 50 Cent’s constant goading for the $30,000 settlement that he was awarded after Teairra Mari sued him for reposting a still photo from a leaked sex tape last year. She was ordered to pay at least a portion of his legal fees.

Teairra also has said she plans to appeal the ruling in hopes that she won’t have to pay 50 Cent at all. One can only imagine if that happens, she’ll be headed to Instagram to clown the rapper again.

No matter how the payment issue ends, we haven’t heard the end of Teairra Mari and 50 Cent’s feud.

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