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Taylor Swift leaves fans speculating about her next rerecorded album after chat with Colbert

Taylor Swift
Fans are positive that Taylor Swift dropped hints at her next rerecorded album. Pic credit: ©

Taylor Swift stopped by virtually to chat with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show and fans were left speculating that she dropped hints at what rerecorded album is coming next.

The I Did Something Bad singer, 31, hopped on video for a brief call with the host and left fans spinning with conspiracy theories about the multitude of hints the singer seemed to drop.

Colbert jokingly grilled Swift about who her Fearless album song Hey Stephen is talking about, asking if it was about him. “Listen, uh, I just wanna get this out there,” he said. “You recently recorded Fearless: Taylor’s Version so I gotta ask, is the song Hey Stephen about me?”

Teasing a new release

Swift smiled and replied, “No Stephen, I, I mean I first recorded that song in 2008, I think was, like, 18.”

Colbert responded, “Yeah, I was also a younger age.”

The pair continued to josh each other, with Colbert asking again if the song really wasn’t about him after Swift gave great details about his office building address and view, mentioning the address as  513 West 54th Street in New York. Fans have taken this particular bit of information as a possible hint that something is coming on May 13

Swift then pulled out a giant mood board full of photos of Colbert. After he pointed out that it was full of photos of him, Swift examined the board, pointed at a photo, and said, “No, this is a pizza.”

She continued the banter with a funny story about the food item. “Funny story, I was pretty hungry because I had stayed up for three days making this vision board,” she explained. “And so, I got pizza and I ate it, so inaccurate statement on your part that it’s only pictures of you because this is a pretty big picture.”

After Colbert jabbed at her again that he was pretty sure the song was about him, Swift said, “Don’t flatter yourself. Hey Stephen is not about you, anymore than my album 1989 is about that year you spent waiting tables on the lunch shift at Scoozi, an Italian restaurant on the river-north area of Chicago, that, by the way, serves a really incredible slice of pizza.”

The casual dropping of the date had fans even more convinced that the singer was subtly saying that her next rerecorded album will be 1989.

Fans are going crazy

Twitter was abuzz with discussions about all the possible Easter eggs Swift might have left in the short chat with Colbert, with fans working hard to make sense out of all the numbers and locations the singer mentioned.

A fan speculates about Swift’s appearance on The Late Show Pic credit: Twitter@amerixana929
Another fan tried to deduce what the numbers could mean. Pic credit: Twitter@loveefortheages

Swift has been working hard in the studio to rerecord her first six albums as a way of reclaiming ownership over her work after her previous label company, Big Machine, sold out to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings in 2019. Her first rerecorded album, Fearless, dropped last week and contained several brand new songs, including a duet with singer Maren Morris, among collaborations with other artists.

While speculations are high, there has been no definitive proof or any new announcements made by the singer about the next rerecorded album title or release date.

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