Sydney Sweeney thought Cassie was getting killed off in Season 2 of Euphoria — Here’s why

Sydney Sweeney with her hair parted in the middle at a red carpet appearance
Sydney Sweeney revealed she thought her Euphoria character Cassie would be killed off after reading the script. Pic credit: Image Collect/Ad Media

Sydney Sweeney, star of hit HBO drama Euphoria, spoke about what she thought would be coming up for her character on the most recent season of the show.

Sydney claimed she thought her character might be killed off after she began reading the script, though it later turned out this was not the case.

Sydney thought her character Cassie would be killed off the show after reading the script

Speaking on The EW’s Awardist podcast, the actress explained she got a scare when reading the part in the script where she is in a car with Nate, who is speeding, and her character Cassie is hanging out the window.

It’s one of the more dramatic scenes in the series and shows the intense spiral the pair find themselves in.

She told the podcast, “I thought that Sam [Levinson] was killing me. I thought that I was going to get killed.”

As for the part where her character is hanging out the window, Sydney said, “And the hanging out the window, actually, was just me hanging out the window. It was just random and very in the moment.”

She continued, “But when I read it, I thought that Cassie was getting killed off. And I was really bummed. But then it turned into this weirdly sensual, dangerous connection between these two characters. And it became what it became.”

Sydney claimed it was difficult to keep the season 2 script a secret

Sydney Sweeney, who plays the extremely volatile and emotional character Cassie on Euphoria, said it was difficult to keep everything a secret.

Writer and creator of the show, Sam Levinson, called the actress while she was at a baseball game to let her in on some of what was coming.

Upon finding out about the scene in which her character, Cassie, is having sex with her best friend Maddie’s (Alexa Demie) ex-boyfriend Nate (Jacob Elordi) in the bathroom while Maddie bangs on the door, Sydney said she wanted to scream.

She told the podcast, “I was at a baseball game [when Sam told me]. And I went under the bleachers trying to hear him, and I wanted to scream as loud as possible. But I couldn’t tell anybody.”

Sydney had a hard time playing such a dark character

Sydney and the rest of the cast took part in a panel discussion at the Academy Museum in LA, and she discussed what it was like playing such an emotional character.

Of playing Cassie, Sydney said, “I had something beautiful with Cassie where every scene she had, I felt like there was an arc to what was happening within her, her heart, her mind, and she had to grow and learn or unlearn everything around her.”

She claimed it was so difficult to play the part sometimes, that writer Sam Levinson would have to come pull her out of a dark place because it was “so raw and so emotional.”

Season 2 of Euphoria is currently streaming on HBO.

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