Sweetie Pie’s Tim Norman arrested over murder of nephew

Tim Norman on Sweetie Pie's
Tim Norman, a regular on Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s, has been arrested on a murder charge. Pic credit: OWN/ YouTube

One of the stars of Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s, Tim Norman, has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to murder relating to the 2016 death of his nephew, Andre Montgomery.

Norman, who is officially known as James Timothy Norman, was arrested on Tuesday in Mississippi by federal agents. He is the son of former Ikette, Robbie Montgomery, who is affectionately known as Miss Robbie.

The 41-year-old Norman found fame with many after he appeared in reality TV show Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s.

Sweetie Pie’s followed the trials and tribulations of  Miss Robbie as she ran her family business of soul food restaurants. Norman ran their outlet in Mississippi.

Norman was arrested along with exotic dancer, Terica Ellis; both are accused of conspiring to murder Andre Montgomery on March 14, 2016.

Andre Montgomery was shot five times

Andre was visiting a recording studio in St. Louis on the day he died. When he received a call on his cellphone, he exited the building and was shot five times.

At the time, his grandmother Miss Robbie angrily claimed the murder had been a setup. She said: “someone called my grandson on his cell phone when he was in the recording studio. He went outside; then, someone shot him five times. They got his phone! Can’t they trace his phone?”

It was also reported that somebody had broken into Andre’s motel room the morning after his death and had stolen some of his personal belongings. At the time, Miss Robbie had expressed hope that the individual had been captured on surveillance footage.

However, there were no arrests until Norman and Ellis today. They are accused of using burner phones to arrange the murder of Andre.

In 2014, Norman took out numerous life insurance policies totaling $450,000 on his 18-year-old nephew Andre. He named himself as the sole beneficiary.

In March 2016, both Norman and Ellis flew to St. Louis. Police say that Ellis used a burner phone to contact Andre to find out his exact location. She then immediately telephoned Norman.

Terica Ellis was in the vicinity of Andre Montgomery’s murder

According to investigators, they were able to track Ellis’s phone to the vicinity of the crime scene at the time of the murder. They also learned that she had deposited $9,000 into various bank accounts following the murder.

A week after the shooting, Norman attempted to collect on the insurance money. He was refused the money because he didn’t have the proper documentation.

This isn’t the first time Norman has found himself on the wrong side of the law. He was arrested in 2018 after he punched a former employee in the eye during an argument about wages.

He has also been accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams.

Andre’s high school graduation was covered at length on the Sweetie Pie’s show, and Miss Robbie spoke at length about the pride she felt in her grandson.

Rest in peace, Andre Montgomery.

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