Who is Jennifer Williams’ alleged stalker? Basketball Wives star puts Tim Norman on blast

Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives Season 7
Jennifer Williams, whose stalking allegations feature on Basketball Wives Season 7

Jennifer Williams looks to have been dealing with the most drama during Basketball Wives filming — and it has nothing to do with her co-stars.

As we saw on the Season 7 premiere on Monday night, Jennifer has been dealing with the courts to try and get a restraining order to keep her ex away.

We also saw how Evelyn Lozada has been a huge source of support for Jennifer Williams throughout her ordeal. She even showed up to court when Jennifer met with a judge in hopes of scoring the order to keep her ex-boyfriend from continuing to contact her.

Who is Jennifer Williams’ ex?

The man accused of stalking Jennifer Williams is Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norman. They dated for about a year before Jennifer reportedly ended things, citing Tim’s alleged jealousy as the reason for the split.

It didn’t take long for the former couple to start sparring on social media, each offering up a breakup story that made the other look somewhat unstable.

Tim Norman spotted

Back in December 2017, Jennifer reportedly filed court documents asking that Tim not be allowed to contact or come near her despite the couple having been split up for around three months. She claimed that her former boyfriend was stalking her and that she feared for her safety.


Jennifer claimed she got worried when she was on her way home back in December and saw Tim’s truck parked on a side street near her home.

She told Bossip that seeing his truck made her nervous, because at one point Tim Norman apparently had a key to her home. She said she didn’t know if he had maybe made a copy and was trying to enter her home, so she went to a friend’s house instead.

Ultimately, it was Tim Norman’s criminal history that Jennifer Williams said made her the most nervous. She told Bossip: “He is a convicted felon, I know he has guns, so I decided to file an incident report Monday.”

When Jennifer showed up to the police station to fill out a report, she says she learned that Tim had just left the station. It later emerged he had also filled out a report — asking for his own restraining order against her!

In the report, the Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s star claims that Jennifer followed him home, not vice versa. Jennifer says that couldn’t be true because, to her knowledge, he didn’t live in the area.

Tim Norman’s claims

In addition to the restraining order, Jennifer Williams has said she intends to sue Tim Norman for claims he made after the pair broke up. The Basketball Wives star initially wanted to keep both the breakup and the stalking drama out of the press, which obviously didn’t work out.

It didn’t take long for Tim to begin sharing his side of the story, one that Jennifer claims is completely fabricated. In this version, Jennifer is the crazy ex who stalked Tim and wouldn’t let him move on. He claims that Jennifer slashed his tires and followed him around. He even claimed that Jennifer tried to run him over with her car.

It was after that alleged incident that Tim filed a restraining order to keep Jennifer away from him. He also claims that Jennifer didn’t accuse him of stalking until after he filed a restraining order and that her actions are retaliatory.

Jennifer denies Tim’s claims and has threatened to sue him for slander. She has denied the stories spread by her ex-boyfriend and says that he was trying to make her look like the crazy one in the relationship.

Jennifer’s restraining order

In January 2018, Jennifer got her day in court too. When facing the judge, the Basketball Wives complained that Tim Norman stole information from her cell phone and had been leaking it in an effort to embarrass her. That was in addition to complaints that he was stalking her near her home.

That restraining order was initially denied pending an investigation. The judge reportedly wanted to speak to both Jennifer and Tim about what was going on.

Apparently, it didn’t take long to look into the relationship drama. Jennifer’s restraining order was granted in January and now both parties are required to stay away from each other.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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